How to Stop Second – Guessing Your Business’s Profit

How to Stop Second – Guessing Your Business's Profit, when creating job estimates and invoicing clients. Finally there's a way!

When you sometimes feel lost creating job estimates and invoicing clients. Finally the Profit Pal Invoicing App is here to help! How do you think you would feel having an app that can help you to create great estimates, and electronically invoice your clients? And all right from your Smartphone.

Finally an app that is so packed full of features you can explore and use for some time to come, you’ll never get bored with it!

Guy's believe me when I say, no one has an app with all of the features that are in the Profit Pal App no one!

How excited would you feel to be making profit? When working in any kind of trade it's hard enough. On top of staying above the competition, you need to calculate how much a particular job will cost, send estimates to clients, account for labor, and don't forget about the taxes! All without losing money.

Well I can imagine that, so can you? Thankfully friend there's now a way for you to take care of all the above, and much more without wasting your precious time on menial tasks. Time to catch your breath right? 

Well imagine the app taking care of all those cumbersome tasks. The app is designed to walk you through them, and friend you just enter what you'll do on the job in the description box as much as you like.

Friend as you read this page now it may cause you to picture that when you get this app, you'll have all of the flexibility you need, to properly account for things like; your hourly rate, your materials, your travel expense to the job, and so much more, just by filling in the boxes. Now since we're here to help, there's even a Free Lite Version of the app in the App Stores, so you can dip your toes into before you get the full version you'll like it.


Introducing Profit Pal App

When wouldn’t it be a good time for you to get an app designed solely for you, the business person wanting to make estimates and send invoices all while maximizing your earnings when doing jobs?


How can Profit Pal specifically help you?

The magic of Profit Pal Invoicing App lies in simplicity. What you do is enter the job numbers. Customers will get their Invoice Immediately via email. Since an invoicing app is better at doing things, no more hassles writing or printing paper invoices or making calculations, the app does them for you.


Here's what one Contractor said about this app

"Well, I can do the above myself, can't I?"

No the truth is that the benefits don't just stop at simple calculations

There's so much more to this app than that. Here are just a few of the extra benefits you'll get when you start using the Profit Pal App:

1. Instantly send invoices via the internet to your client's, along with your company's logo on them. That will make you memorable to them since you are using cutting-edge technology for your transactions and business.

2. Easily calculate even the hardest expenses. Ever wondered how much fuel you need to move from location A to location B? Profit Pal has Map Pins that allow you to instantly calculate time and fuel needed for you or your employees to move to a job site. 

3. Make coupons to send to previous client’s right from the app. The app helps you to not only stay in touch with them, but to also stay laser-focused on achieving your, financial goals.


Friend as you sit back reading this you can begin to see that you'll have easy access to your previous jobs. Every job is saved into a job file, that can be accessed and reviewed at any time. This way you give an estimate in seconds when you are with a prospect interested in a similar job. This way you'll position yourself as a true professional who knows his numbers.

Friend you've been looking for something to help you with your business profits, and the Profit Pal App is here for you now! As you save time and your sanity, just imagine letting this app do the calculating of the business expenses for you, and you won't go wrong. Keep in mind that you'll save countless hours calculating stuff you're not excited about. Those hours can easily be translated into more profits for you. So you win either way.


Big Help

With this exciting app you'll have the help you've been waiting for, because it streamlines the estimating and invoicing process. After you have used it a few times you'll look back on the moment you learned it right now as having been one of the most powerful experiences you have ever experienced. You'll simply follow the template, and as you follow the template you’re by default entering the important information of all good estimates. Thus you'll have more freedom to think about the actual work at hand. 

So as you see friend it’s time for you to get started making better estimates, that way you'll be getting paid what the jobs really worth!

Taking Care of your Clients and sending Unlimited Invoices easily with this app from where-ever you happen to be!

Stop Leaving Things to Chance!

Friend you really can actually account for all of these business cost when you use the Profit Pal App Invoicing App, and stop leaving things to chance!

You may still be doing things the old fashion way, but I can assure you, if you are, you should stop losing money. These may seem like small things such as, the cost of fuel for your vehicle, or the expense to travel to the job site. But these cost will no longer be an issue. Just get the app and start watching as your profits increase. The app does this for you, in a safe and convenient way. 

Don’t waist another presious moment download the app Now! On your smartphone or Tablet and Stop Second – Guessing Your Business's Profit

It's Your Choice!

There are several different ways you can do this. You can find the Profit Pal App on YouTube and watch the videos there, or read the articles in the Archive here, or just go straight to the app store and see it there, either way you’ll be making the right decision…

Click on the App Stores the one for your Smartphone or Tablet to get started now! 

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