How to Stop Second – Guessing Your Business’s Profit







Do you sometimes feel lost when creating estimates for a job?
Wouldn't it be nice to have an app that could help you to create great estimates?

Making profit when working in any kind of trade is hard enough. On top of staying above the competition, you have to calculate how much a particular job will cost, send estimates to clients, account for labor and also don't forget about the taxes!

Thankfully there is now a way for you to take care of all the above, without wasting your precious time on menial tasks. Sounds like a nice chance for you to breathe a little, right?


Introducing Profit Pal App

An app designed solely for the business person wanting to estimate expenses, and not lose money when doing jobs.


How can Profit Pal specifically help you?

The magic of Profit Pal lies in its simplicity. All you have to do is enter the numbers of every expense of the job you are about to undertake. Customers get their Invoice Immediately via email. No more hassles writting or printing paper invoices or making calculations the app does them for you.


"Well, I can do the above myself, can't I?"

You definitely can and you probably will not need Profit Pal. But, The truth is that the benefits don't just stop at simple calculations. Here are just some of the extra benefits you'll get when you start using the Profit Pal App:



1. Instantly send invoices via the internet to your clients, along with your company's logo on them. That will make you memorable to them since you are using cutting-edge technology for your transactions and business.

2. Easily calculate even the hardest expenses. Ever wondered how much fuel you need to move from location A to location B? Profit Pal has Map Pins that allow you to instantly calculate time and fuel needed for you or your employees to move to a job site. 

3. You can even send coupons to previous clients right from the app. The app helps you to stay laser-focused on achieving your, financial goals.


Easy access to previous jobs you did. Every job is saved into a file that allows you to review it anytime you want. That way you can give an estimate in seconds when you are with a prospect interested in a similar job. At the same time, you position yourself as a true professional who knows his numbers.

You have probably already decided whether Profit Pal is for you and your business. In case you want to save time and your sanity calculating business expenses, then you can't go wrong with it. Keep in mind that you will save hours upon hours calculating stuff you are not excited about. Those hours can easily be translated into more profit for you, so it's a win win either way.


Big Help

This easy mobile invoicing app can really be a big help to you in your business, because it streamlines your estimating process. When you follow the job file template. As you follow the New Jobs template you’re by default entering the information that’s required of all good estimates. Thus allowing you more freedom to think about the actual work you’ll be doing for your customer and not wondering whether you will be paid correctly.

Let the app take care of that. So let’s get started making better estimates for your jobs, so you get paid what the jobs really worth! Just download the app now! Stop Leaving Things to Chance!

So Take Care of your Clients and send Unlimited Invoices with this app from where-ever you happen to be.

Stop Leaving Things to Chance!

You really should stop leaving things to chance, and you really can account for all of these business cost when you use this easy to use Profit Pal App.

You may still be doing things the old fashion way, but I can assure you, if you are then you’re losing money. These may seem like small things, such as the cost of fuel for your work vehicle etcetera.

But these cost are really adding up and costing you money every day. Just get the app and watch as your profits increase. The app does this for you and the way it does it is proprietary.

So don’t waist anymore presious time just download the app Now! On your smartphone and get started making more on your job estimates and so much more! 


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