A Payment App and Profit Pal App

Payment Apps

A Payment App and Profit Pal App

Profit Pal App is designed for you to build your jobs on. And there’s a big difference between it, and a payment app.

Let me explain, that in our app you’ll enter all of the pertinent job information  including things like your hourly rate, the fuel used to go to the job, and even the travel expense.

The app also has a materials feature where you enter all of your inventory so you can add those items to your jobs. There’s more but can’t tell it all here.

When you create the invoice for the job, the app will account for the parts and put them there, and reduce the number counts for those items off of the inventory list as you invoice them.

The things in this app were designed to help businesses account for them to better track your profits and the actual cost of doing your jobs.

A Payment App

A payment app is different because it’s used to charge the customers payment. Let me explain’ when you are using a payment app they are taking a percentage for processing that transaction. Why do you think they charge that percentage? Because they assume the liability.

The Liability Issue

There is liability involved whenever you process someones money from their credit card or their bank account. In this day and age of the ‘Hacker’ there are individuals out there that sit around and think of ways to steal money from people.

They would rather do that, than go and get an honest job!

So how can this impact you? There’s a reason why you really need two apps, one to build the jobs on, and invoice your clients on, and one to take the payments.

Let’s go a little deeper into this. Let’s say you charge a customer from  your business app. And your app gets hacked. Your  your customer’s information is put at risk! But not if you’re using a payment app.

Now that’s a huge for your business. You really don’t want or need that liability.

We think its much smarter to let a payment processor handle the money part of the transaction. They have sophisticated software programs to handle monetary transactions.

They can do it securely and have the wear-withal to go after the hackers.

Our Recommendation  

What we are recommending is that you use the Profit Pal App to build you jobs on, and a payment app to charge the customer on.

I myself have the Square Card Reader App and it’s so easy to use. Very intuitive and handles transaction smartly and smoothly.

So now you understand why you need both Profit Pal App and a payment app separately. One like the Square Payment App is good’ The two apps make a perfect combination!



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