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A Basic Invoicing App

A Basic Invoicing App Should be Easy to Use

There are many different Invoicing Apps out there, but few are actually easy to use.

One basic invoicing app is the Profit Pal Mobile Invoicing App. It’s considered basic but that’s only because it’s easy to set up and use.

This basic invoicing app was well thought out, so the user dosen’t need to think like a computer software engineer to use it.

It was designed with a simple form, where you just enter the numbers into fields or boxes as they like to call them.

The fields are titled so as to make them self explanatory. The app having been well designed so you would not need to be concerned with how it does the magic.

Simple as falling off a log. The Profit Pal App is the easiest invoicing app to use. With just a couple practice jobs you will understand it and be using it like a Pro.

You will be able to create your job quotes and know exactly what the real numbers are. Then when you save the job the App sends you two reports to your email inbox.

The app sends you a p.d f. file as well as an excel file, for your record keeping. Just think of the convenience of know that your job data is already saved and sitting in your email inbox.

If you feel that you really want a more complicated invoicing app that’s your call. But know that this basic app will most likely satisfy all your job tracking and invoicing needs for a long time.

The Profit Pal Team

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