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Must have tools for Electricians

Electrician Service Truck

Must have tools for Electricians

Must have tools for electricians are those tools that are necessary so that electricians can get their jobs done. An electrician really must carry these on their service trucks, if they want to get the job done in a professional and timely manner.

Knipex electrical pliers are one item that no professional electrician would be without. The electrical fish tape is another must-have tool. You’ve probably seen this tape used when an electrician needs to fish a wire within an existing wall. They will normally use it to pull wires through from one area of the wall to another area where they want to install an electrical box.

No self-respecting electrician would be caught dead without a wire stripping tool. Another must-have tool they use often is an electrical crimping tool. That one is used to crimp the connector ends.

Then of course there is the electric conduit bender, this is probably one of the most ubiquitous tools you’ve seen in their work trucks. It’s the one with a long handle and a half curved piece usually made of the medal this is used to bend conduits that are used to shield the wires.

Always a Must-Have Tool

This is a no brainier an electrician must always have the handy Fluke Multi-meter, every electrician wants one of these meters they are the standard in the business.

We can see there are lots of tools used in this trade. Anyone wanting to get into this trade needs to be aware that they will have some expenses while accumulating all of these various tools.

Substantial training is also required

Anyone desiring to get into this trade should first look into a good school to get the training they will need. They will also need additional on the job experience which they can get by working with other experienced electricians. I am sure there are many decent electricians that will take on an apprentice and teach him or her the ropes.

Thanks for reading hope this helps you.


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About Small Business Taxes


About Small Business Taxes

You and the many different types of taxes in the United States

The payroll tax is one you may be familiar with:

The Payroll tax, is imposed by federal and state governments, to pay for things like things like Medicare, and Social Security, and is imposed on both employers and employees. This tax generally comes out of one’s paycheck, to cover for one’s future expenses in these areas.

Income tax

Your Income taxes, are imposed on the state and federal level, and are collected by the IRS.  implemented in 1861 by Abraham Lincoln implemented the Income tax during the Civil War. These are basically set dependent on a person’s earned income. And the tax differs by state and federal levels.

Our Income tax has varied up an down over the years. This type of tax is sometimes called a progressive tax because it increases as the level of income increases.

Here’s a list of some types of taxes there are:

Property taxes,

Sales tax

Estate Taxes and Gift tax

Unemployment taxes

Customs & Duties

Corporate taxes

User Fees imposed for use of facilities

Sales Taxes

The main focus of this brief article is the Sales Taxes. Because they affect businesses. Sales taxes are sometimes called Use Tax, it’s important to any business that provides parts or materials onto their jobs.

Every state has its own tax administration that is responsible for that states laws concerning these taxes. In California it’s that State Franchise Tax Board.

These taxes are those taxes collected by the state in which your doing business in. Collecting them is responsible of your business and to pass them on to the state in which the business is in.

If the business paid the sales tax at the point of a retail purchase, then they are not responsible for paying anything to the state on that transaction.

However if your business purchased the goods on a wholesale level with a resale permit, then you are responsible for collecting the tax from the end user and passing it on to the state.

This is an area that is something often overlooked by many small businesses. The importance of collecting the tax as it can be detrimental to a business.

An example would be when you as a business owner do a job and add parts to that job that you paid taxes on those parts. It’s important that you get recompensed for that added expense.

Using an App to Keep Track

Using an app can be a good way to create your jobs on and  a great way to account for the tax expense. If you add those items on the invoice you enter your tax rate for your county or state thus get paid back for the taxes you paid when requiring those parts.

The list is to exhaustive to cover it all. And if you have question on this important subject you really should contact you Tax accountant or Bookkeeper. I have added a link for you to get a fuller understanding of taxes in general here:

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Broken Links what are they Anyway?

Broken Links what are they Anyway?

A broken link is both a thing, and an event. So what do I mean by that?

Also known as Link-Rot. In simple terms what that means is a link no longer works.

What usually happens is that you’ll click on a link to an article or a website page and the computer will return a 404 Error message that says Page not found or server not found.

There can be different reason for this occurrence. It can be something as simple as the server you are trying to get to is down for maintenance, or some other reason.

There are many reasons why you can get this message; however, functionally what they mean is that you can’t get to that content.


Essentially what link-rot is, is when that webpage is no longer available and this can happen because the author of that page is no longer putting out content.

They may have moved on to different business are no longer paying to have their website hosted on a server somewhere.

Website hosting is a big business and anyone who is placing content on the World Wide Web needs to have it reside on a computer platform somewhere. For that ability they normally need to pay. This is unless they provide their own server and run it themselves. Many people do this and run their servers from home.

The Many reasons for broken links’

As you can see by now there really are many reasons for why you’re getting that 404 message.

Here’s a list of Microsoft returned 404 Messages:

Microsoft’s IIS 7.0, IIS 7.5, and IIS 8.0 servers define the following HTTP sub status codes to indicate a more specific cause of a 404 error:


404.0 – Not found.

404.1 – Site Not Found.

404.2 – ISAPI or CGI restriction.

404.3 – MIME type restriction.

404.4 – No handler configured.

404.5 – Denied by request filtering configuration.

404.6 – Verb denied.

404.7 – File extension denied.

404.8 – Hidden namespace.

404.9 – File attribute hidden.

404.10 – Request header too long.

404.11 – Request contains double escape sequence.

404.12 – Request contains high-bit characters.

404.13 – Content length too large.

404.14 – Request URL too long.

404.15 – Query string too long.

404.16 – DAV request sent to the static file handler.

404.17 – Dynamic content mapped to the static file handler via a wildcard MIME mapping.

404.18 – Query string sequence denied.

404.19 – Denied by filtering rule.

404.20 – Too Many URL Segments.

There are tools that can be used to track these messages to see if you will be able to still get the content.

Google has a tool: And it’s probably the best way to discover 404 errors is by using Google Search Console, Google Analytics or crawling software.

So I hope this helps you to better understand why you might be getting that dreaded 404 error message.

For more information follow this provided link:

The Profit Pal App Team,


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How to make more Profit in Any Business!

How to make more Profit in Any Business

Making profit in any business can be difficult if you’re not doing it correctly!

When you think about it at first glance you may be thinking it’s not easy.

But you’d be wrong’

Making More with What You’re Already Doing’

Let’s look into this issue.

First we need to define what we call profit.

I know you’re thinking, Easy right?

Well not so easy, cause there are things to be considered.

As we all know Profit is what we keep after expenses right?

Of course, but how to make sure that’s actually happening, that’s the key.

Profit Areas to be Considered

Again making profit in any business can be difficult if you’re not doing it correctly. Whenever you go out to work you’ll have some expenses. They can be things as simple as the gas we add to our work vehicles.

Many of us don’t take the simple things like that into consideration.

So we need to look at that as one area.

If you take a look at what your fuel cost is and are you getting reimbursed for that cost.

That cost alone can really add up.

Then there’s the cost of the materials you put into your jobs.

Are you keeping track of those cost and getting paid correctly for them.

Then there’s the hours that you are working on those jobs, we only have so many hours to work in one day, so we have to maximize there as well.

So you’re getting the idea’

You’ll need to break down each of these areas and see how you can improve each of these.

Taking each one at a time, like hammering nails, you hammer each of these areas until you have gotten the most you can from each.

This is how you will create the profits you’re looking for.

Electronic Tools to the Rescue

Now there are tools you can be using to accomplish this, and they are electronic.

So what I am talking about here is Software’

Software can be your savior here.

Specifically an App can be very useful if used when planning your jobs. And are better at accounting for things better than you can do it with your mind.

This is why you should be using one today. And using the features in the app, since it will take you step by step accounting for the areas that will improve your profits.

When you’re using an app you should know that they are there for good reasons.

Once these areas become visible to you, look at each an see if you’re taking advantage of each area.

Then you just add in what the actual cost is for each of these. Don’t worry the app will do the math for you and it will add it onto your invoices.

This is the best way to manage your profits!

The Profit Pal Team

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Plumbers Get Help from an App

Plumber's Van

Plumbers Get Help from an App

If you’re a plumber and haven’t looked into the benefits you can get with an app, maybe its time you did!

Experience has shown that as you go about your day doing a plumber job, it’s easy to forget to account for some the items put into your jobs.

You may be attempting to account for those items off the top of your head, but that’s not the best way to do things. That’s not a recommended way to run a business, and can even be costly.

Letting an app account for those things is a much better way of doing it.

The items that are going into the job are costing you money, and not to mention the time it takes to go out and get them.

Sometimes it’s easy to forget to add them onto the invoice when it’s time to get paid. And that’s costly to your business in the long run. And there’s know reason for that to happen today.

One  Solution

Using an app is a smart way to keep track of things. With an app you have the option to add the cost of those items into the job’s file. So that when you invoice your client the app automatically charges them for those items.

When doing business with an app, you’re not exposed to losing money on those items.

I am sure you can imagine how costly it can be over time when not accounting for those items.

There are Good Apps to be considered

Some good apps even have an inventory system in them. This will allow you to enter all of the items that you carry for doing your jobs.

By doing this you can check your inventory from time to time you ensure you don’t run out of items.

Because you know there’s no greater waste of time than leaving a job to pick up items.

Saving valuable time which could have been used to get more of the job done.

What we shared are just a few reasons you should have a business App on you Smartphone, and we suggest you get one today!

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Free Invoicing Apps


Free Invoicing Apps Can There Really Be Something for Nothing?

So what are these free apps all about? Well, there are no free apps, in reality, they will get paid somehow!

It seems that in this day and age everyone wants to get something for nothing. Thus that’s why the pervasive amount of free stuff out there.

Can anything really be free? How would the code writers of those apps get paid?

This article is about all of the free apps out there.

Yes, I’ll admit it is tempting even for me to download some of the free apps out there. That is until I think about it. Common sense will tell you these apps have to get paid for somehow.

I can remember what my dad once told me when I was a little guy, he said, ”Son, you get what you pay for.” How true that is.

So I quickly came to my senses and realized that there has to be a gimmick since no one is going to do all of that work of creating those apps to give them away for free.

How Do They Get Paid?

So let’s take a look at just one of the ways they get paid. And if you’re still interested in downloading them, then that’s OK, because at least you’ll know what you’re getting into.

It’s important for you to know that one of the ways they pay for the apps, is to place banner ads in them.

These are the ads that you see on the screen they are usually at the bottom of the screen so as to not to be too intrusive. Sometimes they may be at the top of the screen as well. 

Remember, I don’t know about you, but I do know that popup adds can really annoy me. Since I am always being careful not to hit that banner since it will take me somewhere else.

And cause me to waist a lot of my time.  And since it’s not so easy to get back to what I was doing.  

And in business, as they say,” time is money” and I can’t afford to be wasting mine.

Now you should have a better understanding of the subject and you can make an informed decision. So if it’s worth it for you to download free apps, at least you know what you are up against.

Doing Business

I don’t know about you’ but for me, I would want a professional business app, one like the Profit Pal Mobile Invoicing App. I would rather pay a little and have an app that’s not trying to get me to click on banner ads. 

Wouldn’t you rather have a one-time price and be done with it! And you would be able to use it without those pesky ads in it that can be so annoying.

This is why we put in the pricing structure that we did. It’s not a lot of money just enough to make it profitable enough to support the app. That’s why priced our app the way we did.

The Profit Pal Team

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Invoicing App That Emails You The Reports

Profit Pal App Report

The Profit Pal Mobile Invoicing App Emails you the Reports

Reports are key and so vital in the world of business today. It’s important to know your numbers and keep track of them.

Many are not aware that after you have entered your numbers, and Profit Pal has done the calculations your data will be saved and reports can be generated. And this Mobile Invoicing App will email reports to your email inbox. 

This allows for your convenience to at the tap of a button, the app emails you an excel report. The files come in an excel format.

Job Data Reports

This should be a big help to all of you who need to keep Job information for your bookkeeping at a later date.

Having reports emailed to you by the app just makes things a lot easier at that time when you need to know it. Let’s say when you don’t remember what it was you did at that location. All you do is go back and take a look at the report that you created when you did the job for that client.

We all know how difficult it is to account for things when tax time rolls around. Reports can be a big help with that. They are important to any business. Any time a client asks you for their invoice, all you need to do is locate it in the app’s job file and email it to them.

This invoicing app emails you the reports, the convenience is there, to make things better for you. Things such as these were thought of and placed in this app just for you’

These reports emailed to you are a valuable asset, since you can use this data to improve your bids and become more effective.

Knowing what the Numbers are, Why it’s Important!

Knowing what your numbers are will make a difference between you getting to the job or someone else.

It’s important to know the numbers. This way you can see whether there’s room to cut cost and become the lowest bidder and get the work.

Not knowing your numbers can be disastrous to your business. And there’s no need for that when you have the Profit Pal Mobile Invoicing App on your Smartphone.

Hitting Save not only saves the job in the app but this invoicing app emails reports to you two different files. One is a PDF file and the other is in Excel.  And we all know how helpful excel can be in doing spreadsheets.

There you have it, 

Until next time 🙂

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Least Expensive App for Mobile invoicing

Profit Pal Mobile Invoicing App

Least Expensive App for Mobile invoicing

If you’re looking for the least expensive app to conduct business on, then you should take a look at the Profit Pal App.

This least expensive app will allow you to create job files and invoice customers in an easy to use interface. It’s very intuitive so there’s a very short learning curve on using the app.

When we say that it’s the least expensive app out there we know what we are saying. That’s because all of the others give you a limited version until you pony up more cash.

The app has important features like sending reports via email to whatever email address you need to send them to. This will allow you to keep track of your income from jobs, and also the cost of you doing that job.

This App has Great Features

This least expensive app has an inventory feature they call the Materials list. That’s where you’ll enter the materials that you put into your jobs. It’s a very handy feature to have in an app.

In it you just enter the names of the items you’ll be invoicing, their cost etcetera, and the app takes care of adding them to your invoices.

The app also includes things like travel distance and fuel cost so you can account for those as well and never be short-changed.

Some of these things may seem innocent enough, but over time if they are overlooked they can be a major factor of income loss to you.

It only seems to make sense to let an app collect that data and add it to the cost of doing the work. It’s a smart way to conduct business.

This is definitely an app that should be on your list if you are considering an invoicing app. And remember you’ll be doing all of this right from your phone.

Hope this was helpful!

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Mobile App Development

Apps for businesses

Mobile App Development

As the development of mobile apps has become more important than even websites today! It’s important to understand that Mobile App development as a technology continues to grow around the world. New uses for mobile apps are being developed daily.

Since the introduction of these new devices which have contributed to convenience and simplicity and our modern way of life. The mobile app development business keeps growing at a rapid pace.

Having a roaming website is not enough in the advanced technology world, we know that smartphones are used all over the world. Based on recent research, the result shows that most of Google search results are carried out on smartphones today.

Especially if you see the result’s of this developed growth of the mobile industry. The need for availability of all internet access devices has introduced mobile application development.

This is the germane development of an app particularly for smartphones and other mobile devices.

Apps on Smartphones’

Apps are especially useful on Smartphones and Tablets. Today, most people use their smartphones, iPhone’s, and tablets to conduct business.

Nowadays there are apps being developed for almost everything such as online shopping, online bookings, online transfer and many more.

As a businessman or woman, you will not want to miss out on this type of tool which can even help you get more customers. So that no matter what product you’re selling it will be available and easily accessible to your customers.

Perhaps not every business needs a mobile app. For instance, people who run a retail business are not advised to use the mobile app because it’s not as useful for them. Those mostly relies on the use of a Cash Register of some sorts.

Mobile apps allow customers to get the catalogs promotions and see your products on the internet and if they are interested. They can order your products instantly through the same device.

Knowing What You Want the App to Do

You really should know the purpose of your mobile app before making up your mind on launching it. You cannot decide to launch a mobile app without knowing it’s purpose.

It’s important that before launching an application, you take strong mobile approach. Just decide weather your business needs to build a mobile app or mobile website.

The difference between a mobile app and mobile website is that the mobile website allows all users to access sites from any device which can suit almost any kind of business.

Some mobile apps today are being developed for any business that provides goods and services to a specific audience.

It’s even a good idea to develop a meaningful app for mobile devices so that you can reach your targeted audience.

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The Best Billing App


The Best Billing App

Best billing app is a term you don’t hear very often. The term “the best billing app” may seem too pretentious to get your head around. That’s especially since there are so many different apps out there.

What you’re looking for isn’t just any billing app, but the one that’s best one for your type of business. This is so important, you don’t just want any app you want one that will help your business to succeed.

Why We Call It The Best

So let’s take a look at this term from the title of this article The Best Billing App. Because we know what we’re talking about, that is, the app that is actually best for your business application.

Because that’s really what you’re interested in. Whatever apps are available out there makes no difference to you if it’s doesn’t work for your business.

This App Sends Invoices

You need an app that can create invoices and let you email it to your clients and there are many out there that can do that.

But if you’re looking for an app that was designed for the important thing. Things like allowing you to account for travel expense to your jobs, and even the fuel cost for that travel.

If you’re looking for an app that can save all of your jobs in a job file and send you reports on those jobs to you directly.

We have Inventory Control

If need an app that can save your inventory to a materials list and keep track of your parts and show you how many you have left.

We almost don’t want to let out all that the Profit Pal App can do because there are so many copycats out there. We know that some app builders have taken our ideas and added them to their apps.

Designed for Small Businesses

When looking at an app to help your business it’s important to get one that’s good at doing the things you actually need. And not one that is full of stuff you’ll never actually use.

If you really want the best billing app a great app for your business just get the Profit Pal App. With it you’ll really be getting something special for your business endeavors.

This app has been improved for over four years so it’s very well thought out, you can be assured of that!

The Profit Pal App Team


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How to get the Right App for My Business

Mobile Apps
Apps for businesses

How to Know What App is Right for You

How to get the right app for my business is something that’s on the minds of many businesses out there today.

The reason for this is that there are so many apps out there. There are an estimated 2.2 million apps available for Apple iPhones and an estimated 2.8 million apps for Android phones.

So you can begin to see why it’s so difficult to find the app that’s best for your business.

Not to mention that since these apps are created by computer geeks who live and breathe computer-speak, so many really can’t even relate to regular guys who just want something that’s easy to use and gets the job done.

That’s a big problem, what normally ends up happening is that individual business owners can end up downloading an app that is complicated, difficult to use, and that has many bells and whistles that the user really does not need.

This has been the experience of many of you know because I too ran into this issue.

So I could get the right app for my business, I had to get around this. So what I did was to get ahold of an app developer, and I laid out the design concept of how I wanted the app to look and work for the average guy.

Why the App was Created

The app that we created is the Profit Pal App it’s an app designed for people that work in the trades, those Plumbers, Electricians, and many others that work out in the field to service customers.

The app allows them to make a job file of whatever work they are doing. It allows them to easily send their customers an invoice directly from their smartphone, simple and fast.

The Right App

So what’s the right app for your business? Obviously it depends on the type of business you’re doing. 

The right app will simplify your workday and keep you and your customers informed as to what was done on the job and even has an inventory feature.

Apps are all different that’s why it’s important for you to get the one that works best for you!

This an easy to use and has all you really need without all of the complicated stuff you don’t need.

The Profit Pal App Team

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Google Play Store Apps for Invoice

Google Play Store Apps for Invoice

The Google Play Store is a digital products market place. The apps in the Google Play Store are designed to run on your Android devices. Android is a software operating system, designed by Google developers.

As you’re visiting the Play Store you’ll find thousands of developer apps to run on your android type devices. These software packages are called SDK’s or software development kits.

When Google launched the Play Store on March 6, 2011, it didn’t take long for it to grow exponentially. Google’s idea was to create a Market Place where developers of android apps could display and sell their apps.

Quickly the Google Play Store became a separate online store. It would then provide a virtual market place for all of the Android coded apps.

A few ranges of these are Music apps, E-book apps, Movie apps, and business apps of all sorts. And today there are even T.V. Apps.

Two Pricing Structures for Apps

When Google’s  Play Store was created in March of 2011 since then thousands of developers have flocked there to take advantage of the market place. And millions of apps have been created and are in use today!

The Google Play Store is where these apps can be displayed to prospective users. There you can read a short description of the app as to what it is used for, be it a gaming app, or a serious business app. The description will help you to know what that particular app is about.

The Play Store has been a huge success and is a large market place for apps of all kinds.  The apps that are there have two basic pricing structures. These two are, either free or at a cost.

If your app is free then most likely it will have banner ads in it, to provide revenues to the developer to recoup the cost of creating the app.

Whenever it’s an at cost app, then you’ll either pay a one-time charge. Or you’ll sign up for a subscription, in which case they charge you every month, for the use of the app.

Google Makes the Rules

Your apps will go through a rigorous review process. And your app must get approved by Google to be listed in there. Important things like the age-appropriateness of the consumers are paramount.

The apps there are rated for appropriateness, as to whether appropriate for all audiences or limited for adults only.

Google’s Approval Process

Google owns the playing field when it comes to Android apps. Google is very serious about which apps are allowed to play on their field. And will often deny apps from being listed there if they don’t adhere to strict guidelines. Applications that are considered to exploit any of google’s rules are banned from the platform.

Advantage of The Google Play Store

An advantage of placing your app there and deploying it there is that it’ll have access to many countries. Google has expanded into almost all countries these days, making it possible for developers to grow their users in many countries.

That’s why when you get that great idea’ for an app, the Google Play Store might be a good place for you to deploy your next great idea!

We hope this gives you a better understanding of what’s the Play Store is all about, and what’s available at the Google Play Store. Why not visit it today, just follow the link provided here and see our app!

The Profit Pal App Team



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Billing Apps for Business

Billing Apps for Business

A Billing App may be in your future. Billing apps have come about to simplify billing your customers. They have replaced the need for pen and paper to some extent.

This billing app will simplify your way of doing business. Now and in the future, these apps will more and more be the way to do business.

Adopting new ways of doing business

There’s a new way for Tradespeople to estimate the cost and establish bids for their jobs.

A Billing App may be just what you need.  Why a billing app?

Because today more and more of what we do is online in some way.

A Billing app like the Profit Pal App is one you should consider. It’s one of those apps that all tradespeople can use to track their work and account for the expenses. 

Which this app you can put in all of the important numbers for the job and the App calculates the amount to charge the customer.

With this billing app you can account for things like hours worked, materials, fuel cost are just a few things that you can account for with this app.

Not only is a billing app used for just that purpose any longer.  They can actually be used for many more uses. An example can be, a billing app can make estimating and billing your jobs much more fun and interesting.

Billing apps can really be a valuable tool for you to use. A Billing app can also help you to stay on course to your earnings goals.

An App can help with your numbers

If you’re not measuring how well your doing, then how do you expect to stay on track to your earnings goals. Apps are great at doing that for you!

So why would you hesitate to get a billing app and use it each day. Especially when you consider all that it can do for you? If you’re conducting business? So I wouldn’t hesitate, to get an app like the Profit Pal Mobile Invoicing App on your Smartphone or Tablet today! 

Profit Pal App Team

Questions email us:


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Free Trial

When they say “Free Trial”


Free Trial is what the ad says. But we all know there must be a catch. How many times have you seen this statement in advertising. This is a very popular way to get people to sign up for something. Since people just can’t seem to resist getting something for free.

I consider these adds to be nothing more than a way to entice people to sign up since they know the tactic works.

Isn’t it better to just know that you are getting what you paid for. Especially since you know there must be a catch. My Dad always told me “Son you get what you pay for.”

No one is giving away things for free, unless their some kind of philanthropist who wants to do good. And you know there aren’t to many of those around.

Why you Should Suspect

Another suspicion that I get, is kind of like what drug pushers do in the movies. They give their would be drug addict customers the first drugs free, until they get the person addicted to the drug, then they charge them money for the drug.

So let me explain how these free trials work. They get the person hooked on the product, then once they are hooked, comes the money.

By the time you’ve learned how to use the app and gotten used to using the app, they know they’ve got you!

And then that’s when they’ll charge an absorbent price for the continued use of the product because they know they got you hooked.

The Profit Pal App isn’t like that. Right now you can You just pay a one time price and its not expensive either. No gimmicks, know rank promises that we are not going to keep. 

What you’ll get is an app to use to invoice your clients on and much much more!

Designed for People who Work in the Trades

If your a person that works in the trades then you should try out this app. It was created for you, and you can feel confident knowing you made the right decision when you purchase the Profit Pal App.

If I didn’t think this app was the best app for you I wouldn’t be promoting it!

Believe me when I say that this app was designed with your needs in mind.

Questions email us : support@profitpal1.comThe Profit Pal Mobile Invoicing App Team





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The Profit Pal Difference

The Profit Pal Difference


The Profit Pal Difference What is it?

That word different gets thrown around a lot. When it comes to the Profit Pal App this term really does apply. Included in this app is a method of accounting for your jobs that others apps are attempting to copy.

The ideas that went into this app are needed by trades people. For instance the Job Details area prompts you to input the information logically. This information that later is used in the invoice. This allows you as a trade person to put in all of the information related to that particular job.

What’s the Difference?

What make the Profit Pal App Different is that it was designed by a Tradesman. Being a Tradesman he knew what was needed for people who work everyday in the service trades.

Why is that so important you may say! Well let me explain, whats so special about our app. What makes this app special is the way the information is captured, and then placed into the jobs file.

We took a totally different approach than what the rest of those business apps out there. We wanted to create something that would help Trades people top earn more from the work they are doing. Some of those even copied what we did here!

Each file is a separate record of that particular job. These files are saved by the App and can be accessed by you anytime you need them.

This App is very intuitive, so there’s no complicated method to be learned. You just follow the flow of the page entering the numbers. Once you’ve created a couple of jobs in it you will be an expert at it.

Thanks for reading and get the Profit Pal Mobile Invoicing App right now before you get busy with something else and forget.

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Invoicing App What is It?

Invoicing App what is it?

Today there are literally hundreds of thousands of apps out there. Simply put apps are computer programs that run on smart phones.

If you have one of the new cell phones available today, then chances are you have some apps installed on your phone.

Apps can do all sorts of thing for you. From allowing you to order tickets for your favorite events to navigating you to your next vacation.

Invoicing App’s are just apps that give you the ability to Invoice your customers right from your smartphone.

These types of apps can be very helpful as you go about your business. An invoicing app can make the difference between you closing the deal or someone else getting it.

An invoicing app can make your business appear to be much more professional. Especially if you also have a mobile printer there with you in your vehicle. The Profit Pal  Mobile Invoicing App gives you the power to Invoice on the fly. And the ability to print out invoices very like a Pro.

This makes it even better if you have the App you can email the invoice to your client. But if you also have a wireless Mobile Printer, you can also then print out a paper copy to give them.

This is exactly the way you want to do business today. Those businesses that adapt to the new way of invoicing should thrive in the future.

This is what an Invoicing App was meant to do.

So why not get started invoicing your

clients the easy way today.

The Profit Pal Team


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Mobile Invoicing App

Business App

Mobile Invoicing App

Mobile invoicing app is definitely the way to go and they’re easy to download. There are more mobile phones today than there are home landlines. That’s really all you need to conduct business today!

According to Forbes Magazine more people today have Cell Phones than have toilets. That’s most likely because many people today use their cell phones for just about all of their communication needs.

Mobile phones or Cell phones as we mostly refer to them today, are actually small computers that you carry around with you. Since most of the things that were reserved to do on P.C.’s can now be done on your phone.

Mobile Invoicing with Cell Phones 

You can download files, documents, pictures, you can even read your emails on them. These new phones can actually make you much more effective than ever before when you learn to utilize all of the computing power that they have.

Since all of this computing power is now available, along come the app’s. Which is just a short way of saying “Applications.” Apps are actually pretty sophisticated programs that can run on your Smart Phone.

To get these apps you just need to download the mobile app to your smartphone. You do this by going to one of the App Stores Online. In case you’re confused I don’t actually mean that you physically go to a store. These are online stores, the way you get there by surfing the web on your phone to get to them.

The two main ones are Google Play Store and the other is the Apple iTunes App Store. Once you get to one of those you will need to create an account with the one you need.

The Difference between App Stores

The difference between the two is one is for apps that run on your Android phone, and the other is for those of you who own iPhone’s out there. Pretty much all of the same apps are available for both types of phones. Since the code writers are creating their apps to sell at both stores.

The apps download mobile for both of these types of phones. Once you have your free account set up, you just look for the app that interest you, select buy, and download it to your phone. By the way there are also free apps as well. These usually get paid by the ads that run in them.

Once you have the app downloaded, which only takes about a minute you then open the app to use it. Some apps like the Profit Pal Mobile Invoicing App for Small business require you to create a login.

That’s a security feature. When you enter your email address and create a password. It can be anything you like, I recommend you keep it simple and something you will be able to remember.

But If you should forget the password you created don’t freak out. On the login page there’s usually a feature where you just enter your email address and click the tab that says “Forgot Password.” The app will immediately send you a code that you use to reestablish a password you created to you email inbox. You can then put it in and get going again.

That’s all there is to it! So do download a Mobile app today!

Click on one of the links below to get started

The Profit Pal Team

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A Basic Invoicing App

A Basic Invoicing App Should be Easy to Use

There are many different Invoicing Apps out there, but few are actually easy to use.

One basic invoicing app is the Profit Pal Mobile Invoicing App. It’s considered basic but that’s only because it’s easy to set up and use.

This basic invoicing app was well thought out, so the user dosen’t need to think like a computer software engineer to use it.

It was designed with a simple form, where you just enter the numbers into fields or boxes as they like to call them.

The fields are titled so as to make them self explanatory. The app having been well designed so you would not need to be concerned with how it does the magic.

Simple as falling off a log. The Profit Pal App is the easiest invoicing app to use. With just a couple practice jobs you will understand it and be using it like a Pro.

You will be able to create your job quotes and know exactly what the real numbers are. Then when you save the job the App sends you two reports to your email inbox.

The app sends you a p.d f. file as well as an excel file, for your record keeping. Just think of the convenience of know that your job data is already saved and sitting in your email inbox.

If you feel that you really want a more complicated invoicing app that’s your call. But know that this basic app will most likely satisfy all your job tracking and invoicing needs for a long time.

The Profit Pal Team

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Plumbing Invoicing Software

Plumbing Invoicing Software

Plumbing invoicing software is any software that can be used by plumbers to invoice their customers work with.

Plumbers have different needs when invoicing customers than let’s say a retail establishment would have.

Retail Businesses and Invoicing

For instance, a restaurant or a retail store is not involved in the various circumstances that plumbers will see throughout their work week.

A restaurant, orders food and follows a menu to prepare the food and serves it to its customers.

A retail establishment, purchases the goods it will sell and displays it to its prospective buyers to their customers. The retail establishment doesn’t need to manufacture the goods normally as they will purchase them wholesale, and then retail them to its customers.

A Plumbers Scope is much more Broad than that!

A plumber’s responsibility is much broader and will entail many more factors than what retail establishments will need to take into consideration.

A plumber on each occasion needs to access the situation, what the particular job will require, since no two jobs will be the same. Each will be different and will require a different approach.

The layout of the property they will be working at will have an impact on how the plumber will go about their work.

Where and how the pipes are installed, what types of pipes are there. Then there are all of the fixtures needed to dispense the water, in that case.

That’s just the water supply situation and then there’s the drains’ well you get the idea.

Plumbing invoicing software needs to take into account and allow for the plumber to be able to describe the job to be done accurately, and account for all of the parts that will go into the job.

Software for Plumbers

Luckily for plumbers there are apps that can be used by plumbers out there. They all have various layouts and functionalities. But one such app that thought about just these factors, and right from its inception it’s called The Profit Pal App. This app was designed to be used by plumbers and has what they need to successfully invoice their customers, easily and efficiently. If you know of a plumber out there you may want to tell him or her about this app.

Joe Sanchez

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Invoicing for Electricians

Electrician Truck/Van

 Invoicing for Electricians

If your a trades person, such as an electrician you may not be aware of the advancement in electronic invoicing. You may still be using the old methods for invoicing you clients.

This usually involves some form of paper invoice that you had prepared at your local print shop. For many years this is how electricians would invoice the people they did work for.

With the advent of Smart phone’s its become easier than ever before to just send invoices directly from your phone.

Electricians today can not only invoice, but the can actually plan the job on the smart phone. With an app like The Profit Pal Mobile Invoicing App they can add all of the details about the job, including materials and cost of them even the tax paid on the materials. They can add an additional fee for going out of their way to secure a particular  material for the job.

Many more things can be done with electronic invoicing by electricians, that just wasn’t available with traditional invoicing methods. Since you enter the numbers and the App actually calculates everything for you.

This make electronic invoicing by Electricians much more user friendly. And has major benefits for the client as well. The electrician simply has to enter the numbers in the correct places to create the invoice, and he or she can submit it via email.

You can’t do that with the old paper invoices. This is why so many electricians today are opting to use a mobile invoicing app like the Profit Pal Mobile Invoicing App. It just makes good sense.

The Profit Pal Team

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