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Invoicing For Profits

Online Accounting System
Online Accounting System

What is invoicing for Profits?

Invoicing for profits is when you create your invoice in such a way as to ensure that you’re getting paid all that you possibly can.

In short, you’re not leaving money on the table! That’s what Invoicing for Profits is all about.

What to consider

Obviously, there are many factors to consider when you are invoicing a customer. The most important thing is not to miss anything since you don’t want to be working for free.

This is where it’s important to have an Invoicing Template that you simply follow to ensure you cover everything.

That’s where an app can be indispensable! An app that helps guide you through the creation of the invoice.

The Profit Pal Mobile Invoicing App is just such an app. It has boxes which you simply enter the numbers into, and the app is taking care of the calculation for you.

Are Apps are designed to handle this?

The Android and ios app is designed for this purpose. It makes invoicing easy. The makers of the app have already thought of what the important things are which need to go into the invoice. Things like labor cost, per hour. The materials cost, even items you may not be thinking about such as your fuel cost to the job. And vehicle mileage expense.

Using an app to perform these function can go a long way towards making sure you are accounting for these items in every invoice you make.

So why are you still trying to do this on your own? You should know that there is help in the way of an app for your business. Stop what you’re doing and download this app today and free yourself up to do a better job for your customer.

Somethings in life may be hard to figure out this isn’t one of them. There are just too many features and benefits to using an app to invoice your customers that it just doesn’t make sense not use one!

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Business apps Latest on the Profit Pal App

Contractor Protect Yourself From Frivolous Client Lawsuits

Contractor Protect Yourself from Frivolous Client Lawsuits

Contractor you really need to read this post because, as a contractor of any type, it’s important to protect yourself from frivolous client lawsuits. It’s becoming more prevalent for clients to complain about jobs that they feel were not done correctly in their view, and attempt to get refunds from the contractor that did the job.

This may or may not be an accurate assessment of the job; however, they still may prevail in a court of law if the contractor can’t make his case clearly and concisely.

Why These cases are more common Than You May Think!

This is one more reason why you should have the Profit Pal App on your Smartphone or Tablet. Since in the app you’ll enter exactly what you did at that particular job all of the details as well as the cost to do them. All of this will be saved in the App’s Job File and the app will also email that to you in your reports. All you’ll do there is tap reports and tab send and the app will immediately send the report to via your email.

It’s critical to save this information because normally in court cases it’s the person that has the information in an organized fashion and readily available is the one that wins the case. So when you create the job file in the Profit Pal App you should think in terms of covering yourself from any future liability as well.

Recent cases

Recently there was a court case in which the contractor had something so simple as text messages back and forth from his wife who happened to be their bookkeeper as it was a small construction business, they prevailed, just by having those text messages on the contractors’ Smartphone.

So can you see how important it is to have this information readily available? Get the App today and start protecting your valuable information today!

Thanks for reading

Profit Pal Team


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Simple Mobile Business App

A simple mobile business app should be simple to use

Simple is what you ‘ll need in a business app is something that you can use without thinking too much, since you already have enough to think about during your workday.
This type of app should provide you with a simple to use a template that all you need to do is to enter the information into the boxes. And of course, it shouldn’t break your bank account to get it.

The Features in an App

What we have just described here, are just some of the features you’ll find in the Profit Pal App. It so easy to use and takes almost everything into consideration for you.
No need to look any further we have designed it to take care of your estimating, invoicing, and even has a feature to control your inventory.

And the best deal on the market, since it’s just a onetime payment and that’s it you can use it as long as you like with no additional cost to you.

Simple to Download

Why wouldn’t you get an app like this loaded onto your Smartphone right now? If you’re in any kind of business I wouldn’t wait.
Profit Pal App Team


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Mobile App the Help for Small Businesses

IMobile App When You’re In The Field

Mobile App’s for Small Businesses

A Mobile App may be just the help you need for your Small Business because it allows the business person to conduct business regardless of where ever he or she happens to be located at that moment.

Mobile apps can do many different things, they can help you do a simple task such as to keeping track of your work schedule.
But they are also be designed for more specific purposes, such as tracking the mileage to and from your jobs while you’re out in the field to ensure you’re being compensated for that travel.

These newer mobile apps can even send you the reports for your weekly work. That makes it so much easier for you when it’s time to account for what you’ve done during the week.
The mobile business app can help you to run a much more efficient business. When you run more efficiently your customers will feel the difference, especially when you email them their invoice directly to their email address within minutes. A Mobile invoicing app can not only create estimates and the job invoice but it can quickly send them out to your customers.

Having a Mobile app is important for any small business in today’s fast-paced work environment

A mobile app can also come with many extras additional bells and whistles which they come loaded with. There are templates that you will use to create your company profile including your business name, your address, phone number, and many more areas of information that you may want to include on your invoices. You can even add your company’s log there, simply by taking a picture, selecting it and put it there, and it will be included on every invoice you send out.

Special Features in Apps

The Profit Pal Mobile Invoicing App is one such app, it has all of the above-mentioned features designed right into it. So you won’t need to spend thousands of dollars to create an app with these features this app already has them!

The app even has a Coupon creation feature. This feature allows you to choose a template that has a certain look to it so you’ll know what it will look like once you enter the information of your coupon offer, and then you just enter the email address to send to or pick them from your Jobs List it’s that easy to send them to your customers.

I don’t like to make these article to large since I know that we all have busy lives, so I tend to get right to that point. That way you have time to look into the matter yourself. You can do this easily by following the links here!

It just doesn’t get any better than this. And when the cost for this app is so small, you really do owe it to yourself to try this app get it on your smartphone today and you’ll see the benefits in so many different ways you can’t even believe right now!

The Profit Pal App Team,

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Business apps Latest on the Profit Pal App Latest Post

Why you need to Have An Invoicing App

Why you need to Have An Invoicing App

There virtually are many reasons to have a smartphone Invoicing App to your cell phone. We can explain some of them here.

One example, while you are touring to and from jobs and aren’t at your private home office it’s essential to preserve your jobs in order. What that entails is you need to be bendy. This way if the task necessities change you can easily alternate the requirements recalculate the charges and ship your client the updated bill.

Nowadays human beings do so many extra things and transactions from their phones. No longer do enterprising human beings want to enter the workplace to ship estimates and task data to their customers. It’s simply so much a good deal and less difficult as well as handy.

In case you don’t have that functionality then you’re shortchanging yourself. It’s critical to stay cutting-edge with your clients and a cell Invoicing App lets in you do this.

An example is probably, let us say you’re at a circle of relatives function, and also you get an e-mail from a patron asking you to ship them the bill for a process you probably did for them. on the grounds that you’ve got the app to your smartphone you honestly open up the app find that specific task report locates the bill for that task and ship it via email instantly.

It’s really easy to use. It doesn’t get much less complicated, that’s in case you already have the app for your smartphone. The app has saved the day. You shouldn’t leave your circle of friends or relatives occasion to get your invoice book to put in writing an invoice or find a fax machine to send it. It’s all executed right there from your smartphone.

The Profit Pal App Team

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Why Mobile Business Apps Are Now Commonly Used

Why Mobile Business Apps Are Now Commonly Used 

The mobile business app is now common for businesses and is seen as a new way of business branding in the markets. Before now, apps were being used by the large companies due to the huge cost of developing a custom app. As technology advances all the time, developers have now created apps that are more affordable so that small business owners can also benefit. The mobile business app is now used by the small and large business owners.

When see check our smartphones now, all apps that we see were developed for a particular purpose such as checking emails, weather reports, reminder, news updates and so on. Mobile apps were launched and markets started booming. Markets are now easy and simple to trade with the introduction of the mobile app. The business owners find the mobile app encouraging because it reduces their expenditures.

These Apps are Common

Most people look down on their mobile phones while walking around a shopping area trying to interact with some online marketers. This is said to be dangerous for them because it distracts their movements by not facing the right direction if not watching where they are going to, therefore it is advisable not to operate our phones while walking.

However, the mobile app can also be referred to as an electronic business card. It is normally visible to the business customers. When a smartphone user scrolls through the apps on the phone, they now see business apps to install. This gives customers easy access to shop and compares the goods they will like to buy before they make any transaction. This app has contributed to the growth of many businesses all over the world.

A typical example of how a mobile business app work is, a real estate agent who is given a building to sell, he will then subscribe to a particular business app like “Jiji mobile app” for advertisement. Anyone who is searching for that kind of building can download the app in the smartphone and check for his choice of building, compare the prices, and make a choice before making any transaction. With the mobile business app, your goods can also be delivered to your doorstep without the customer going out to buy.


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The Cellular Enterprise App

The Cellular Enterprise App

The Cellular Enterprise App is now commonplace with many businesses, its how business is done today. In times past, apps were underutilized by the massive groups due to their large cost. Apps have advanced a long way since then. In all instances, the builders of apps have now created ones that cost less and are more functional in order that smaller enterprises can also benefit by their use of them. The mobile enterprise app is now used by small and large business alike!

Capability of Smartphones

When we take a look at how ubiquitous the smartphones now, hundreds of thousand apps have been developed for every particular motive including checking emails, climate reports, reminders, information updates and so on. Mobile apps have been launched and markets began booming. Markets are now easy and simple to exchange with the advent of the mobile app. The business proprietors find the cell app encouraging because it reduces their prices.

As more people, today stare at their smartphones, many are in the process of using enterprise apps. You may see these people appearance down on their cell telephones at the same time while they are walking around they are no doubt looking to interact with online marketers. That is said to be risky for them, probably a much better idea to stop somewhere become stationary.

However, the cellular app also can be known as an electronic enterprise card. When you can send an email with all of your contact information, and even you work schedule. Its miles ahead of the old way of doing business.  When the user scrolls thru the apps on their smartphone, they now see many business apps to install. This gives customers smooth way to enter the apps stores where they can study the various apps to see what is a better fit for their particular business needs. Apps has contributed to the increases in profits for many companies everywhere in the world.

Some Examples of Uses for an Enterprise Apps

An average example of ways Mobile Enterprise App Paintings is a real estate agent’s app who’s given a constructing to sell, he’ll then join a particular enterprise app “Paintings App for commercial.” All people who’re attempting to find that type of building can download the app in the smartphone and take a look at for his desire of building, compare the expenses, and make a desire earlier than making any transaction. With a cellular enterprise app, commercial products can be brought to your doorstep, without you the customer going out of your home for them. This really is the Age of the App!

The Profit Pal App Team,

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Profit App for Small Business Profit

Profit is what you’re in business to accomplish. We believe or app is the best mobile app for small businesses profit hands down, that is the Profit Pal Mobile Invoicing App!

With this app, you can make all of your job estimates including things like travel expenses fuel cost and materials to do the job.

Why we Believe in this App

This app was created to assist smaller type businesses that can’t afford to spend a large amount of money that it takes to create an app. It’s been done for you!

With this app, you’ll easily invoice your clients for more profit, without the hassle of paper and pen. If it’s an estimate you just check the box that says “Estimate” and they’ll know instantly that you’ve sent them the estimate for their job.

It’s so easy to use since you just enter the information into the provided boxes. The app will do all of the tedious calculations for you!

No longer will you be wondering if missed some important part of the cost associated with the job.

Designed for your business needs

This app has a specially designed interface that’s perfect for those smaller type businesses that need some of the advantages that the ‘Big Boys” have.

Things like inventory control, it’s built into this app. All you’ll do is to enter the parts you’re carrying on your work vehicle and as you add them to the invoice the app will subtract them from your inventory counts.

I don’t want to go over all of the features in the app because I want you to be pleasantly surprised when you see them all in the app.

So when I say that it’s the ‘Best Mobile App for Small Business Profit you can rest assure that everything in the design of the app is there to enhance your business profits, let it be your secret weapons for more profit.

The Profit Pal App Team,


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Tradesmen App


Tradesmen App

 Tradesmen App

Tradesmen have needs that may not be required in other types of businesses. That’s why this app that’s designed for them. We think our’s is the Number One App for them. That’s a tall order, but we feel like we are because of the way this app is designed around their needs.

To say that the Profit Pal Mobile Invoicing App is the best app for people in the trades, and Woman is not a claim which we make lightly.

Listed here are some of the reasons for this conclusion:

The code was written by professional code writers. The concept and configuration were designed by fellow Trades People.

Feature in the App

  1. The features in the App are specifically designed to help Tradesmen and Woman to earn more and Keep more of their earned money
  2. This app was designed with a marketing element to help Tradesmen better market their services
  3. The Goals Box will help you stick to your earnings goals the app will help with that
  4. Sending out invoices is a breeze with this app
  5. Sending out reports is easy right from the app
  6. You can even ‘Print out’ invoices right from the app

As you can see there is very little left to chance. You have to build an app that’s easy to use and that takes care of Tradesmen to call yourself The Number One App for Tradesmen and Woman.

To claim to be the Number One App for Tradesmen and Woman although, a big statement, it can be backed up by the way the App works.

If you’re a Tradesmen this app is for you!

We don’t believe you’ll find a better or more appropriate app for this purpose anywhere on the market, as of the writing of this article. Watch the training videos here, and on YouTube as well, and see why we are the Number One App for that purpose. Why not learn how to take advantage of this app for your business. There are many features in this app that really can help you as you go about your business, you much more efficient.

So don’t hesitate as time is wasting! Tryout the App today! I am sure you’ll like it.

Profit Pal Mobile Invoicing App Team


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A Company Invoice Template Stand Out!

Entering the Information into the Company Template

The Template is for your invoice to stand out. You’ll first need a good one to use. The company invoicing template you choose is important to the professional appearance of your company invoice.

How you make your company’s Invoice Template is important because not only an image of your company but is also a tool to help you as a Trades Person. If you take a little time to set it up it can really stand out.

A Template are these important things

Your company’s logo. It should be an image that tells your clients what your business is about. That’s what your logo should say about you.

Your company’s location or address is an important thing to have on the invoice. You may want to include a suite number as well. In this area, you can include a license number if you have one as well.

Your contact information is important, along with the various ways the client can get a hold of you. These can include phone numbers, fax numbers, and even your email address.

The invoice should include a sequential counter. This counter inserts a consecutive invoice number. This number can be used to identify the particular invoice associated with a particular job.

To keep this short and sweet, you can see how you make your company invoice template is important to you. As these are just a few of the items that should be on your template, not as simple as you first thought is it?

Good News

Well here’s the good news. There’s an app that lets you cover all of these things, and all you do is fill in the boxes and hit save! The app saves your template to be used over and over again.

This app was designed to make your job easier, not harder! So you can trust that using it will be a breeze!

That’s what the Profit Pal Mobile Invoicing App can do for you.

Get the app today! And make your company invoice. It’s really easy with this app downloaded on your smartphone.


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Easy Invoicing


If Easy Invoicing is important to your business?
It’s never been easier to invoice clients. You can now invoice clients the easy way. Easy invoicing with the Profit Pal App is the way to do business today.

With the Profit Pal Mobile Invoicing App, You can create the job estimate, including all of the cost of doing the job and send that to your customer via email.

With this app, it’s easy to enter all of the important numbers. The app helps you because as you fill in the boxes, the App is doing the calculations so that when you finish filling in the boxes you just save the job to a file.

Then when your ready to give an invoice to your client you simply click the create invoice tab, and the app puts all of the job information into the invoice template.

From there you can email it to them or just print it out and give to your client the choice is yours. Just think how easy your job can be when you let the app do the heavy lifting for you.

By using this app in your day to day business you can not only speed things up, but you also account for all of your business expenses in a logical way.

The app is sold for a one-time payment, no ongoing fees or memberships required.

It’s easier than ever to invoice now! Here at, we’re here to help.

So why am I suggesting you get my app? There’s a simple answer “because we made it for you and your business to succeed.” It’s really that simple no need to elaborate anymore.

The Profit Pal Mobile Invoicing App is available in the App Stores.

Additional question just email us at: Contact us

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Mobile Invoicing Apps

Why Mobile Apps are Useful Today!

Mobile Invoicing Apps are especially useful to anyone in business today. They can help you to make better use of your time and help you to keep better track of the work you do.

We work so hard nowadays to earn money to take care of our families. In these days of stubborn inflation that takes away so much of the purchasing power of what we have earned, it becomes even more important to make the most of what we have earned and saved.

This was just one area that was in the thought process of the creation of this The Profit Pal App, it’s even in the name. Seeing ahead into the future this app was created to be a big help to you, to help you to understand the profit areas in your jobs and enable you to maximize those areas. You can’t really do that if you can’t see those areas clearly.

When you get this mobile app it will be clear to you each of these areas and then you can account for and ensure that you’re getting paid correctly. It was created to make this easy to do. For example, when you move the Map Pins to the location you’ll be working at the app will calculate the distance and multiply it on the price of fuel and the miles/per gallon and calculate the cost to get there. You should be accounting for these things and if not you’re losing in these profit areas.

Everything you do throughout your day must create profit for you or you shouldn’t be doing it, it’s that simple. After all isn’t that why you got into the business in the first place. And you shouldn’t be embarrassed to make money as that’s why you go to work each day in the first place.

So if you want to improve your numbers just get the Profit Pal Mobile App you’ll be glad you did!

Hopefully, you’re beginning to see how the app can help you in your day to day business!

The Profit Pal App Team,


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Invoicing on the Fly

Apps for businesses
Apps for businesses

Invoicing on the Fly

This title Invoicing on the Fly just means the method of invoicing to your customer from your smartphone. Today It’s possible to Invoice your clients on the fly when you’re on the road, and not necessarily at the job location.

Having this ability to do Invoicing on the fly can be important to your business. Customers generally don’t like to be held up, by not getting their invoice in a timely manner.

To meet your customer’s expectations and keep good relations with them, it’s important that you have the modern tools available for businesses today.

Mobile invoicing on the fly is just one of the business tools you need to keep your customers happy, and satisfied. You want customers to view your business in the right light, and have confidence that you know how to use all of the modern tools available to support them. To keep up with the competition you need to have the ability to Invoice on the fly.

These new tools can be learned quickly in just a few minutes you could be up to speed and really give the appearance of being an up to date business person. If you think about it, don’t you have more confidence in a worker when you see that they have adopted the latest tools of the trade? It’s no different here, these are the new tools used for accounting for the numbers in your business that’s all.

There really isn’t any reason not to be using an app to help in your business especially when they can do so much of the heavy lifting for you.

Using an app like the Profit Pal Mobile Invoicing App is one way you can ensure that your customers are getting the best service possible. Get the App today it’s available in Google Play or Apple iTunes app stores.

So why am I suggesting you get this app? There’s a simple answer to that because we made it especially for you and your business to succeed! It’s really that simple no need to elaborate anymore. Click on the link below that applies to your device.

The Profit Pal Team


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Invoice Template

Invoice Template in the Profit Pal App

The Invoice Template in the Profit Pal App is designed in a friendly easy to use manner. The user simply enters the information asked for into the template boxes. The app will organize this information and have it to show up correctly on your invoice.

It’s very easy to use.  All you do is enter the information once, and you’ve created your company template, which is just your companies information saved into the template. Such as your company’s name, address, and phone number, etcetera. Then you save the template. After that whenever you invoice a job, all of the company information goes straight to the top of the invoice.

Now each job that you create and save in the app will now put have your invoice template. This is so easy and makes so much sense, once you’ll have it. The app is basic since we find that most people want simple, not complicated. And as you can see we don’t waste your time we simply get to the point here.

This is just one of the great features in this app, and we know that sometimes we’re reluctant to try something new, but you really shouldn’t be apprehensive about using this feature as you can’t break it just follow along and the app will guide you to making create invoices.  App, when you do you’ll see how it’s designed to make the process smooth and easy! even though it’s a powerful app.

So don’t hesitate to make some invoices today with the Profit Pal Mobile Invoicing App.


The Profit Pal Team

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Handyman Invoicing

Learn how to be a Handyman

Handyman Invoicing Customers

As a Handyman, you’ll need to invoice your clients the same way contractors do, clients are relying on you to provide them with great service. You are called a Handyman because you are qualified in many different construction disciplines.

Some of these areas are:

1. Drywall repairs

2. Painting

3. Minor plumbing

4. Roofing repairs

5. Minor electrical repairs

And many more areas that are not listed here!

If you’re a handyman then you need to keep abreast of all the latest methods and techniques to accomplish your work. Since handymen,  generally, work in many different areas of construction. Many residents in your area are in need of your services. And anyone that owns a home knows this fact.

You can help them with many different projects that homeowners may have in mind. Having said that, you also need to have the latest tools at your disposal in order to do the best job possible for your clients.

Invoicing Your Customers

As a Handyman then you’ll need to Invoice your customers. This is where a Mobile Invoicing App like the Profit Pal Mobile Invoicing App come’s in handy. With such an app on your smartphone, you can estimate job expenses to the penny. Add in all of the materials cost required for the job.

This app even allows you to account for many things, those other apps just don’t do even things like your fuel cost, travel expenses these can really add up, especially if you’re not counting them into your billing.

So If you’re a handyman do yourself and your clients a big favor by downloading the Profit Pal Mobile Invoicing App to your smartphone today. The Profit Pal Mobile Invoicing App is much more than just an Invoicing App. It has many important and well thought-out features to help you to get paid well for your work.

This mobile invoicing app was created with trade’s people and if you’re a handyman this includes you. It was well thought out to include all of the areas you will need to conduct business.

If you’re a Handyman then take pride to know that your services are in great need by your customers.

The Profit Pal Team

What Are The Important Skills Click Here!

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Landscapers App


Invoicing for Landscapers, Details of the Job

Landscapers can use an app it can be the most valuable tool Landscapers can have. Not getting lost in all of the job details, as jobs can become quite involved these days. There are many details to be considered when doing a landscape job.

From the soil to the plants to the grading requirements, it can become quite complex. Keeping track of all of the details can become a difficult task. That’s why it’s important to have a place to put all of those details.

Today You Have Options

Luckily today, however, there are modern tools one can use to organize a difficult task. Much of the details can be placed on your smartphone. Your phone can have an app that will assist you.

These apps or applications will allow you to type in the details of the job. From the address to exactly what the work description is even your fuel cost. This information becomes essential not only for you but also to give to send to your customer.

Another area that is often overlooked is controlling your inventory. That is how many parts did you purchase for the particular job. The Profit Pal App can keep track of all of your parts, from the sprinklers, pipes, to sod.

The Profit Pal Mobile Invoicing App. It can help since it has a field in which you enter the job details. The amount of information you put there is up to you. Landscapers can use this app to invoice clients, calculate the job expenses, and have a job file for everything they do at each particular job.

Once you fill in the fields and hit save, the App emails you all of the information you saved.

So invoicing for landscapers can be one way that a landscaper can keep track of all those details.

If you’re a Landscaper then this App is for you! It will be a big help in your day to day business needs.

Profit Pal App Team,

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Business apps Latest on the Profit Pal App

The Mileage Expense for Your Business Travel

Mileage App

The Mileage Expense for Your Business Travel

Mileage is an important consideration when traveling to and from jobs.  It is something that is often overlooked when calculating business expenses.

Even though the miles you put on your vehicles is a deductible expense for businesses, it’s something that is often overlooked. As you go about your business day it’s easy to forget to account for the miles that you’re traveling to jobs.

Your In Business to Make money

If you’re in business you probably know by now, that if you’re an independent contractor you are allowed to take a mileage expense.

Sometimes we tend to overlook these smaller ways of increasing the bottom line. Things like mileage and fuel cost are easy to overlook since we are concerned with the job at hand.

That’s the main reason they put the Map Pins into the Profit Pal App, was to help with that. When starting any job you simply move the map pin to the location you’ll be traveling to. 

By doing this simple step the app will instantly calculate the distance. And if that’s not enough, it will calculate that distance on the miles traveled and give you that.

Emailing the Invoices

And if that’s still not enough, there’s more, you can send that job’s invoice directly to your clients right from the app instantly. So now you don’t need to worry about forgetting to do it yourself.

When you get back home and want to do your book-keeping you just open up the emails that the app has sent. And there you’ll have everything you need in the mileage information waiting for you! Because the app also sends reports. How convenient is that?

For these reasons and more it’s important that when you choose an app for your business needs, that the makers of the app have acually taken the time to look into these things and taken care of them for you.

These are things that the makers of the Profit Pal App have thought about for you, and placed them into this app. That’s what makes this app great for your business. It’s a great app for any kind of business person. Why not try it right now! Just follow the link that applies to your device!

The Profit Pal App Team,

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Business apps Latest Post

Free Trial Profit Pal App

The Free Trial App by the Profit Pal App team

Profit pal App is a must-have on your Smartphone or Tablet, you can easily track your jobs. You can even use the Map Pins to calculate the travel distance to your jobs.

This App can be a big help to anyone that needs to travel to their clients for whatever reason. Using the Jobs template you can account for things like mileage and even your fuel cost.

And as if that wasn’t enough, you will also get the Coupon feature. With it, you can create Discount coupons to send to your clients via email. And all this you get for free. We wanted you to try the app and see how it really was created to help you with your business needs. So don’t be embarrassed to try something for free for 7 days. We just hope that once you see how great this app really is that you will want the full version, which really isn’t expensive anyway.

With the free trial app, you’ll be getting some useful tools to use forever, no gimmicks as we believe in over-delivering for you to gain your confidence in the abilities within this app. We didn’t want you to have any excuse not to try the app. So here you go, get the Free Trial Profit Pal App now and play with it don’t worry you can’t break it.

Just follow the links below that apply to your particular device.

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Simple Invoice Template

Invoicing With an App

Creating the Simple Invoice

Create a simple invoice using the Profit Pal Mobile Invoicing App, and the simple invoice template. The Profit Pal App has a simple invoice template that allows you to create your very own simple invoice.

It has to be among the easiest to use. All you do is hit the create company template, and the invoice template opens, and you begin by entering your company’s information. Such as the companies name, address, phone number, fax number if you have one, and anything else you like in there. Once done you simply hit save and you have created your Simple Invoice Template.

Now, whenever you enter the data for a new job and save the job. That data will not only go into a jobs file, but it will be used to fill in the invoices you create. Then whenever you want to it will go onto your simple invoice, you just select the create invoice button, select the job from the job file and when you hit the save button the app will bring all of the job data into the new invoice.

It’s just that simple! This simple invoice template can now be used as many times as you like. This is how you do it, you have created a simple invoice to give to your clients. You can either view it, print it, or hand directly to your client. This app is available today not in the future. Give it a try it’s available right now, this simple invoicing template today at

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When to Invoice Your Clients

Invoice Your Clients

Knowing When to Invoice Your Clients

When to invoice your clients this is the question some may ask, when should I invoice a client? You may not be aware of this but its important. It’s important to Invoice your clients as soon as the work is completed. If you let to much time go by, they may be reluctant to pay you. Knowing this can be a big help to your business endeavors.

Computer Programs are Used to Invoice Today

Today Contractors, Plumbers, Electricians, Locksmiths, and many more people in the trades are using computer programs to invoice their clients.

When to invoice a client is easy today. There are programs called Apps, today it really make it possible for you to invoice right from an app. This way there’s no waiting, and that’s not all, these apps can do many other things as well, from making simple calculations to emailing the invoice to your clients, an app can do all of that for you.

That’s just the beginning, of the benefits, the app can keep track of your jobs, so you’ll have a record and can look them up at a future date, if need be. Such as when it’s time to do the your taxes. An app will make it much easier for you to access those old jobs and their information, so you don’t miss any deductions that you are entitled to receive.

It’s a good idea to invoice your clients with an app, that way you’ll not only get paid faster, but you’ll have the data stored right there in the app. It’s best to do as soon as possible. As that’s the best way for you to know that you have taken care of all of the important stuff as you go about your day. If you were to do this the old fashion way you would surely be missing a lot of the calculations that can help you to improve the bottom line of your business.

App Templates

Apps have what are called Templates they are designed around your business needs. By someone that knows your business and has the needs of your business in mind. You know that all of the important stuff is being accounted for and on the invoices you’re sending out to your clients.

Now knowing the advantages that apps can give you and your business it’s easy to see why Trades People are taking advantage of what these apps can do for them, and are sold on the idea of using their apps every day.

The Profit Pal App Team,

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