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So You Don’t Know Much About Computers?

I hear this all the time from Service people, be they plumbers, electricians, and contractors of various types.

Whenever I mention that they could be using an app to track their jobs and to invoice their clients, it’s always the same claim, “but I don’t know how to use computers. “

Well, let me just say that if you own a smartphone then you are already using a computer. That smartphone you’re holding has more computing power than whole rooms of computers did in the past.

Progress made in Computing Power

In times past companies needed how rooms full of computers to do the work that an average smartphone can do today. The progress has really been that exponential.

So no more excuses if you can use a smartphone then you can use the Profit Pal App to work your jobs and to invoice your clients, it’s really that simple. There are just too many features in this app for you not to be taking advantage of.

An app like this one can simplify your workday as it can keep track of the things you’re doing in a more accurate and just better way.

Remember that the app was designed to be easy to use and to be a great time saver for you so that you can take care of the other things you need to get to. And who doesn’t need a time-saver in these busy days in which we are living?

Look into the Profit Pal Mobile App and sure you’ll be glad that you did.


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Professional Plumbing Tools

Plumber at your Service

Professional Plumbing Tools

Plumbing tools that are of professional grade, are required for any professional plumber. The reasons are many, but the primary reason is that these types of tools are made with much more strength than what a typical homeowner may have.

These are tools that plumbers use are usually called professional grade tools. These tools need to stand up to continuous use by the plumber. In practice these tools can be used in strenuous situations.

The plumber needs the reliability that these tools provide. These types of tools will generally cost three times more than a typical tool that you may buy at your local hardware store.

Professional Plumbing tools are of a different quality

These professional plumbing tools are generally purchased at plumbing supply outlets where plumbers shop at. There are outlets like Redcap, Ferguson, and Ridgid those are the major players in the professional plumber Tool suppliers.

Homeowners generally buy tools that were made in China, these would not hold up in the day to day use that plumbers can impose on their tools.

You won’t see any respectable plumber using those made in China tools, they just take much more pride in their work and the tools they use.

Take for instance a Broken Pipe Extractor, what good would it be if the extractor breaks inside the pipe when you’re using it. Or a plumbing snake that breaks off inside the pipe when you’re using it. Can you now see why its so important for plumbers to use only the best professional tools in the course of their work. Bad ones can become very costly while spending more to purchase professional good ones can actually save the plumber time and money in the long run.

Thanks for reading hope you found this helpful

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Try It Free!

Try It Free! what’s the Catch

Many advertising slogans out there say” Try it Free.” Might this just be a way to trap you? We also have the free Profit Pal Lite App. You can get some features in the app. And its good too. Unlike other companies out there we don’t play games. What we have is a serious business app for you. Those others out there might be taking you for a ride. None of that here.

They get you with free then once you’ve taken the bait and are trapped I am sure that they know that many people will sign up for the monthly subscription after they have already invested their time and energy to learn how it works.

You see these ads all over the internet since they know that people can’t seem to pass up something for free. They are just using psychology on them.

You should read the small print before downloading an app that says free trial.

You don’t get gimmicky tricks when it comes to the Profit Pal Mobile Invoicing App. What you get is a great product to help your business. 

That’s it and you get to use the App as long as you have it on your smartphone or tablet

No gimmicks here! No empty promises, with catches for you down the road. Think about it can they really give you something for nothing.

I don’t think so.

So get the Profit Pal Mobile Invoicing App and get what you pay for.

The Profit Pal Team

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Invoicing App What is It?

Invoicing App what is it?

Today there are literally hundreds of thousands of apps out there. Simply put apps are computer programs that run on smart phones.

If you have one of the new cell phones available today, then chances are you have some apps installed on your phone.

Apps can do all sorts of thing for you. From allowing you to order tickets for your favorite events to navigating you to your next vacation.

Invoicing App’s are just apps that give you the ability to Invoice your customers right from your smartphone.

These types of apps can be very helpful as you go about your business. An invoicing app can make the difference between you closing the deal or someone else getting it.

An invoicing app can make your business appear to be much more professional. Especially if you also have a mobile printer there with you in your vehicle. The Profit Pal  Mobile Invoicing App gives you the power to Invoice on the fly. And the ability to print out invoices very like a Pro.

This makes it even better if you have the App you can email the invoice to your client. But if you also have a wireless Mobile Printer, you can also then print out a paper copy to give them.

This is exactly the way you want to do business today. Those businesses that adapt to the new way of invoicing should thrive in the future.

This is what an Invoicing App was meant to do.

So why not get started invoicing your

clients the easy way today.

The Profit Pal Team


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No More Paper Invoices

No Paper Invoices

No Paper Invoices

No more paper invoices required today! When invoicing your clients why not just do it directly from your phone?

How to do this you may be asking? Let me tell you how all you’ll need to do this is to download an app like ours to your phone.

No Paper Invoices its Easy with an App

It’s easy, just go to the App Store that’s the one for your cell phone be it Google Play or Apple’s App Store.

In the search box there type in Profit Pal App and it should come up on the page.

Take a look at the screenshots there, that will be your first view of what the app will look like on your device.

Read the description of the app and if you think it’s the one for you, then select buy.

If you have an account set up with Apple or Google you will be able to get it instantly, if not then just enter the required information and use a credit card to get the app that way.

Download an App from one of the App Store

Once you have downloaded it to your device, you’ll need to sign in to the app by entering your Signup info, which is normally your email address and a password that you create.

I suggest you write down the password, just in case you’re like me and have so many passwords that I often forget them.

You won’t need to sign in each time since the app remembers it for each consecutive use.

And if you should lose your password there is a Forgot Password Feature.

With the Forgot password feature you’ll enter your email address you used at signup and the app will immediately send you a link with a Token to use to create a new password to use.

It not hard if you get confused just follow the steps here and get back up and running.

Its really simple to get away from using paper invoices once you get the hang of it you’ll be freed from ever needing paper to invoice your clients that way ever again.

Thanks for reading

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Plumbers May Be Smarter Than You Think!

Plumbers May Be Smarter Than You Think!

The Plumbers of today are smarter than what most people give them credit. Today being a professional plumber takes many diverse skills. Gone are the old days of just cutting and threading pipes.

Today’s plumbers need to be informed. Because plumbers not only deal with older homes and buildings. They also have to be informed as to the new code requirements for new construction as well.

They even have to deal with In Home Sprinkler or Fire suppression Systems which are required in many newer homes these days.

Gone are the old days the pipes were galvanize pipes, those are pipes that are made out of steel but have a galvanize coating to help them to restrain from rusting.  These types of pipe only last around 20 years or so.

Next came copper pipes because copper doesn’t rust; however, it comes its own issues.

This is why PEX piping was invented. And just in case you haven’t heard. PEX is plastic pipe.

So a plumber today has to know how to work with any of these diverse system of piping.

On top of all that are all of the different and diverse fittings. These can be daunting, they are needed to install any of the mentioned piping systems, and there are thousands of those.

Some parts Plumbers need to know’

Water Connector Kit, Hose Fittings Brass Compression x Plastic.

LFN55BM1-U NPT Union x FNPT Water Pressure Reducing Valve (Lead Free).

Flexible PVC Pipe.


Item:     A207AA104020 Finish:  White

Press Full Port Brass Ball Valve 250 PSI (CWP)

Temperature Range (F): -20°F to 300°F

Press Full Port Brass Ball Valve (Lead Free).

Royal 100 HL3 Exposed Closet Flushometer.

Exposed Water Closet Flushometer, for floor mounted or wall hung top spud bowls.

Quiet, Exposed, Diaphragm Type, Chrome Plated Closet Flushometer for left or right handed supply.

High Chloramine Resistant PERMEX® Synthetic Rubber Diaphragm with Dual Filtered Bypass.

Metal Oscillating Non-Hold open Handle with Triple Seal Handle Packing.

Bak-Chek® Straight Stop with Free Spinning Vandal Resistant Stop Cap.

Adjustable Tailpiece Spud Coupling, Wall and Spud Flanges.

Spud Coupling and Flange for 1-1/2″ Top Spud.

Sweat Solder Adapter with Cover Tube & Cast Wall Flange with Set Screw

Non-Hold-Open Handle, Fixed Metering Bypass and No External Volume Adjustment to Ensure Water Conservation.

Flush Accuracy Controlled by CID Technology.

Handle Packing and Vacuum Breaker to be molded from PERMEX® Rubber Compound for Chloramine Resistance.

Valve Body, Cover and Tailpiece shall be in conformance with ASTM Alloy Classification for Semi-Red Brass. Valve shall be in compliance to the applicable sections of ASSE 1037.

Vacuum Breakers Anti-Siphon Vacuum Breaker Lead Free

Water Filter W10-BC, 1″ Clear Heavy-Duty Housing with Pressure Relief Button

1/2″ Threaded Gate Valve (Lead Free)

Fits TOTO G-Max 3″ Flapper

These are just a few, of the parts they need to deal with’ and the list is huge…

Then there are the Tools!

And there’s more, here’s a General List Sum of Tools Used by Plumbers:

Here is a short list of the tools Plumbers need to be familiar with, drain snakes, plumbing snakes of all sorts, toilet auger, drain auger, drain cleaner tool, pipe snake, drain snake, plumbing camera, drain cleaning machine, plumbing auger, pipe extractor, drain inspection camera, faucet tool, pex pipe, soldering tank.

This is only a small fraction of the tools, the list is too long to show them all in this brief article. Just in case you’re looking for a challenging line of work you may want to look into becoming a plumber.

You will definitely be challenged each and every working day! I hope this gives you a better understanding of what a plumbers line of work actually is.

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Bakers Invoicing on Delivery

Bakers Invoicing on Delivery

Bakers make so many great food products. We all love to eat the bread, rolls, cakes, croissants, muffins, biscuits, well you get the idea. Many people today want the convenience of having the baked products delivered to them.

If your a baker working in a bakery that delivers out, bakers invoicing is important for you.  And since many people prefer to order their baked goods from bakeries that deliver. IIt’sto your advantage and important to your business to have the ability to Invoice where you are.

If you fall into this category, then it’s good for you to know that the Profit Pal Mobile Invoicing App was created for you also.

With this app downloaded on to your smartphone you will have the ability to create a detailed invoice right there wherever you find yourself, and print it out on a mobile printer, or just email it to the customer.

This App allows you to enter all of the details of the baked order. It allows you to account for all of the cost including delivery cost. It calculates the distance for the delivery. So you can get compensated for fuel as well.

In the details box, you can itemize how many dozens you baked. Instead, use the number of hours for quantity and the hourly rate put the cost of the items. So let’s say you want to Invoice 30 items at $2.00 a piece.

You put hours 30, and hourly rate 2.00. Now the App does the calculation and you have total $60.00. See how that would work.

There are actually many different ways you could use the App, you could even enter your product cost into the materials box instead. Then use the hourly rate x the time to calculate for the hours spent preparing the pastries.

So I wouldn’t hesitate to try the Profit Mobile Invoicing App out today!

The Profit Pal Team

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Mobile Invoicing App

Business App

Mobile Invoicing App

Mobile invoicing app is definitely the way to go and they’re easy to download. There are more mobile phones today than there are home landlines. That’s really all you need to conduct business today!

According to Forbes Magazine more people today have Cell Phones than have toilets. That’s most likely because many people today use their cell phones for just about all of their communication needs.

Mobile phones or Cell phones as we mostly refer to them today, are actually small computers that you carry around with you. Since most of the things that were reserved to do on P.C.’s can now be done on your phone.

Mobile Invoicing with Cell Phones 

You can download files, documents, pictures, you can even read your emails on them. These new phones can actually make you much more effective than ever before when you learn to utilize all of the computing power that they have.

Since all of this computing power is now available, along come the app’s. Which is just a short way of saying “Applications.” Apps are actually pretty sophisticated programs that can run on your Smart Phone.

To get these apps you just need to download the mobile app to your smartphone. You do this by going to one of the App Stores Online. In case you’re confused I don’t actually mean that you physically go to a store. These are online stores, the way you get there by surfing the web on your phone to get to them.

The two main ones are Google Play Store and the other is the Apple iTunes App Store. Once you get to one of those you will need to create an account with the one you need.

The Difference between App Stores

The difference between the two is one is for apps that run on your Android phone, and the other is for those of you who own iPhone’s out there. Pretty much all of the same apps are available for both types of phones. Since the code writers are creating their apps to sell at both stores.

The apps download mobile for both of these types of phones. Once you have your free account set up, you just look for the app that interest you, select buy, and download it to your phone. By the way there are also free apps as well. These usually get paid by the ads that run in them.

Once you have the app downloaded, which only takes about a minute you then open the app to use it. Some apps like the Profit Pal Mobile Invoicing App for Small business require you to create a login.

That’s a security feature. When you enter your email address and create a password. It can be anything you like, I recommend you keep it simple and something you will be able to remember.

But If you should forget the password you created don’t freak out. On the login page there’s usually a feature where you just enter your email address and click the tab that says “Forgot Password.” The app will immediately send you a code that you use to reestablish a password you created to you email inbox. You can then put it in and get going again.

That’s all there is to it! So do download a Mobile app today!

Click on one of the links below to get started

The Profit Pal Team

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A Basic Invoicing App

A Basic Invoicing App Should be Easy to Use

There are many different Invoicing Apps out there, but few are actually easy to use.

One basic invoicing app is the Profit Pal Mobile Invoicing App. It’s considered basic but that’s only because it’s easy to set up and use.

This basic invoicing app was well thought out, so the user dosen’t need to think like a computer software engineer to use it.

It was designed with a simple form, where you just enter the numbers into fields or boxes as they like to call them.

The fields are titled so as to make them self explanatory. The app having been well designed so you would not need to be concerned with how it does the magic.

Simple as falling off a log. The Profit Pal App is the easiest invoicing app to use. With just a couple practice jobs you will understand it and be using it like a Pro.

You will be able to create your job quotes and know exactly what the real numbers are. Then when you save the job the App sends you two reports to your email inbox.

The app sends you a p.d f. file as well as an excel file, for your record keeping. Just think of the convenience of know that your job data is already saved and sitting in your email inbox.

If you feel that you really want a more complicated invoicing app that’s your call. But know that this basic app will most likely satisfy all your job tracking and invoicing needs for a long time.

The Profit Pal Team

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Cloud Computing and the Profit Pal

Google Cloud gives the Profit Pal App more Redundancy

Cloud computing is the best. So what do we mean by that anyway? The Cloud has many more avenues or servers to keep the app functioning properly. Rather than just one server which if it failed would leave the user without app functionality.

That’s why did Profit Pal App choose Google Cloud to run our app on?

The number on the reason we chose The G.C.P. is the reliability period. One thing you may not be aware of is that like websites apps also need a platform to run on, in order for the information you are entering into your app to process or compute back and forth.

Cloud computing is just much more reliable. We are no doubt all familiar with google since most of us have used the Google Search Box to find information in all of our days to day needs.

Even though we should know that Google is a business as well and it is run by people, like any other business. Having said that we also know that Google is number one when it comes to data storage.

So why the G.C.P. for the Profit Pal App? Well, what you may not know is that apps need a platform to run on. And another thing that most of us know that if Google’s not running, then most likely the whole internet is down! And that being the case everyone will be down.

There you have it why Profit Pal App uses Google Cloud

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The Small Business Solution

An Important Small Business Solution


The Small Business Solution

If you’re in any kind of small business today you obviously have many different challenges to overcome.

It’s really hard today for small businesses to compete with their larger counterparts. These bigger businesses have the resources to out-compete the little guy’s since they have the ability to spend large amounts of money to out advertise the smaller guy’s.  Especially if you as a small business owner don’t want to get into debt, and spend large amounts on advertising necessary to promote your business or products.

It’s easy to get left behind. And it seems that once the competition has made major gains, even in your own local backyard. It’s hard to get that business back.

How Technology can Help

So what to do? Well, one thing you can do is to use the technology that is available today to help reduce the gap between your business and the big guy’s.  That’s really your best bet.

There are technologies today that can make your business appear to be just as professional as those big guy’s.

Some examples are: almost every business today has a website why do you think that is? It’s because almost everyone today searches for things online if your business is not where you’re at an obvious disadvantage.

If you aren’t using cell phones and email you at a disadvantage. A small business solution and a very important part of your business are to have the ability to mobile invoice your customers. If you can’t do that your business disadvantaged.

You will need to adopt the new technologies if your business is to remain relevant in today’s business climate.

Good News for Small Businesses

The good news is that it’s really not that difficult to do. The Small Business Solution and what I have for you today is, a simple way to improve your businesses competitive score,  is to get an Invoicing App. One like the Profit Pal Mobile Invoicing App.

This one move alone can greatly improve your business’s ability to survive in these technological times.

The website for you to learn more is there you will not only learn all about mobile invoicing your clients but they will teach you how to do it.

You know you need cell phones to communicate on the road and that’s easy for you now, so why shouldn’t you adopt mobile invoicing your customers as the way to do business today as well.

Sometimes we hesitate because we are intimidated and don’t think we can learn the new ways of doing things. Just know that the Profit Pal Mobil Invoicing App was designed with you in mind.

The small business solution is a way for you to take your business to a new level. Unless you take a chance and adopt the new technologies you won’t make much progress. It’s important to try new things.

So it’s going to get you through it and you will be a Pro, at mobile invoicing very quickly.

Thanks for reading!

The Profit Pal Team

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Plumbing Invoicing Software

Plumbing Invoicing Software

Plumbing invoicing software is any software that can be used by plumbers to invoice their customers work with.

Plumbers have different needs when invoicing customers than let’s say a retail establishment would have.

Retail Businesses and Invoicing

For instance, a restaurant or a retail store is not involved in the various circumstances that plumbers will see throughout their work week.

A restaurant, orders food and follows a menu to prepare the food and serves it to its customers.

A retail establishment, purchases the goods it will sell and displays it to its prospective buyers to their customers. The retail establishment doesn’t need to manufacture the goods normally as they will purchase them wholesale, and then retail them to its customers.

A Plumbers Scope is much more Broad than that!

A plumber’s responsibility is much broader and will entail many more factors than what retail establishments will need to take into consideration.

A plumber on each occasion needs to access the situation, what the particular job will require, since no two jobs will be the same. Each will be different and will require a different approach.

The layout of the property they will be working at will have an impact on how the plumber will go about their work.

Where and how the pipes are installed, what types of pipes are there. Then there are all of the fixtures needed to dispense the water, in that case.

That’s just the water supply situation and then there’s the drains’ well you get the idea.

Plumbing invoicing software needs to take into account and allow for the plumber to be able to describe the job to be done accurately, and account for all of the parts that will go into the job.

Software for Plumbers

Luckily for plumbers there are apps that can be used by plumbers out there. They all have various layouts and functionalities. But one such app that thought about just these factors, and right from its inception it’s called The Profit Pal App. This app was designed to be used by plumbers and has what they need to successfully invoice their customers, easily and efficiently. If you know of a plumber out there you may want to tell him or her about this app.

Joe Sanchez

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On-time Invoice

Why It’s important for Businesses to Invoice On Time

In order to Invoice your clients on time it’s important that you have that ability wherever your at.

This is just one of the advantages of purchasing an Invoicing App. The Profit Pal Mobile Invoicing App is just such an app.

With this app installed on your Smart phones, you’ll have that capability to create estimates and invoices.  Right there wherever you happen to be. These can easily be sent to the client for their approval. There are times when the first person to send the Invoice Estimate gets the job.

If you are not with that person at the time it’s difficult to give them an invoice. This is not the case when you have an Invoicing App on your smartphone. In this case you would just go into the App, and create the invoice with the particulars about the job and Once done, you just email it to the client.

Now the client has the information they need to make the decision to proceed. This gives you the advantage since you don’t need to be next to them to do that. They get the invoice and if they want changes they can just reply back, you make the changes and send them another updated invoice.

This is how you invoice on time. The Profit Pal Mobile Invoicing App can perform this function for you. It’s just one of the features of this app.

An On time invoice with this app can speed things up for you, and generally make your work much easier and more pleasurable.

The Profit Pal Team

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Profit Pal Recommends the Square App

Profit Pal Recommends the Square App We have found that the Square App is very useful to accept payments from your clients. It is very convenient and easy to use.

All you do set up an account at the Square website. There you’ll in your account you’ll set up where you want the payments to go to i.e. to your checking account. For that, I believe all you need is the routing number of the account. There you can order your card reader for a small price.

It will come to your address in a few days. As soon as it arrives you’ll need to pair the reader with whichever cell phone you have. It pairs by Bluetooth just like the way you pair other devices, and it does this very fast. The square app works whether you on Apple iOS or Google Android.

We have found that the Square app is one of the easiest ways to accept payments no matter where you’re working. The square app can be a nice compliment when you are invoicing clients with the Profit Pal App, just create your job file generate the invoice email it to your client and then use the square app to receive payment. That’s about all there is to it, the two apps make a nice combination.

Thanks for reading, hope this was helpful.

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My Father was a Carpenter

Carpenters App


A Carpenters App is just What Your Business Needs!

Carpenters have many things to consider when doing a job. And as if they didn’t have enough to do already, they still need to account for all of the numbers going into a job. Carpenters doing construction and repairs of buildings need to be concerned with stairways, partitions, and rafters, as well as a million other things. They need to follow blueprints, install fixtures, windows, and doors. They must measure accurately, and know what materials to purchase for the job.

Carpenters today must be versatile and able to perform many tasks. For these reasons alone it’s smart to leave the costing or calculating of the job to an app. With a Carpenters App like The Profit Pal Mobile Invoicing App can be a big help. The app can help the carpenter to account for all the cost that goes into doing a job. Even travel expenses can be accounted for by the App. You can call it a Carpenters App since after all it was created for Tradespeople.

Any carpenter can surely benefit from having an app that speeds up the process of bidding and costing of their jobs. Especially when they are out on the job site, and not at their office. If your a carpenter and just need a little help! getting your Carpenters App may be the smart thing to do. We can’t make promises but, when you get the app you’ll start to make better estimates that will help you to improve your numbers. You’ll be glad you did!

Available today at Google Play, and Apple iTunes stores.

The Profit Pal Team

Androids get it at Google Play
Get It At The App Store

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Invoicing for Electricians

Electrician Truck/Van

 Invoicing for Electricians

If your a trades person, such as an electrician you may not be aware of the advancement in electronic invoicing. You may still be using the old methods for invoicing you clients.

This usually involves some form of paper invoice that you had prepared at your local print shop. For many years this is how electricians would invoice the people they did work for.

With the advent of Smart phone’s its become easier than ever before to just send invoices directly from your phone.

Electricians today can not only invoice, but the can actually plan the job on the smart phone. With an app like The Profit Pal Mobile Invoicing App they can add all of the details about the job, including materials and cost of them even the tax paid on the materials. They can add an additional fee for going out of their way to secure a particular  material for the job.

Many more things can be done with electronic invoicing by electricians, that just wasn’t available with traditional invoicing methods. Since you enter the numbers and the App actually calculates everything for you.

This make electronic invoicing by Electricians much more user friendly. And has major benefits for the client as well. The electrician simply has to enter the numbers in the correct places to create the invoice, and he or she can submit it via email.

You can’t do that with the old paper invoices. This is why so many electricians today are opting to use a mobile invoicing app like the Profit Pal Mobile Invoicing App. It just makes good sense.

The Profit Pal Team

It’s in the App Stores

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Happiness Comes in Many Forms


Happiness Comes in Many Forms

Something to consider

In your life you’ll find happiness if you know where to look.

Because happiness comes in many different forms.

Let me explain, happiness is a state of mind’ you make yourself happy depending on what you perceive value to be in. If you love a cup of coffee in the morning and that has value to you, then that can make you happy.

I am sure if you start to consider this you can find something to be happy about.

It can be something like having the ability to read this message. What if you didn’t have that ability, well then you can be happy about that.

You can be happy if you wake up in the morning, and the sun is shining. You can be happy about that because there are possibilities for your new day. The possibilities are endless and you wouldn’t have those possibilities if that one important thing didn’t happen.

Can you now start to see the possibilities out there for happiness? When you have another day to live, how wonderful is that?

As for me I get happy just to see all of the buildings that some architects designed and were built by contractors. I admire the beauty in them!

Throughout my day I see many things that make me happy and having my eyesight to enjoy them, well that makes me happy too’

See if you can find something that brings you some happiness today! This life is full of wonderful things to enjoy if you’ll just take a moment to contemplate upon them.


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Paper or?

Paper or?

Paper is a thing that we are so used to, that we think its been around forever! If you’ve been alive for any amount of time then you have to be familiar with this thing we call paper. It because we are so used to using it that we take for granted just how it came about.

The History of Paper

Paper has been used for thousands of years, back in time it was called papyrus. History was written on it, this is how information was conveyed. Papyrus is a material similar to thick paper that was used in ancient times as a writing surface. It was made from the pith of the papyrus plant, Cyperus papyrus,


Ever since man learned to write he has relied on something to write on. Stone, or paper. Think of all the books and newspapers you’ve read. Magazines, school textbooks, all made of paper.

China & Eygpt first to Adopt

The world’s first recorded papermaking process dates to 105 AD. Ts’ai Lun, a court official for the Chinese Han Dynasty, pulped mulberry tree fibers together with used rags and fishnets to create the first recorded paper – not to be confused with alternative surfaces for writing and communication.

Then there was Egypt, In ancient Egypt, the papyrus plant was used to make a thick material similar to paper, and many ancient cultures used dried animal skins known as parchment for writing on.

Internet-Article: A celebration of paper: from creation to modern times

Things Do Change

However; things don’t always stay the same’, fewer and fewer transactions take place on paper these days. In this digital age, we rely on doing things with computers. The paper has more and more taking a back seat.

Many of us don’t even want to receive paper statements any longer I know that I don’t. Most of us just want the email receipt.

Paper was a discovery of man, and not necessarily “written in stone” “tongue & Cheek” what I am saying is that just as it paper was invented back in time so-to our modern inventions are just as ubiquitous and useful today.

In just case I am getting to convolute here’ it’s just that we now have computers to do our writing on.  By using computer programs like Microsoft Word and others we can write on any subject without paper and send that document to anyone we chose via email.

So as you can see we have made another advancement, in these modern times just as equal to, or even more important, than when man first discovered the use of the papyrus plant.

Its Easier Today

It gets even easier today with the adoption of smartphones, which is in effect a computer in its own right’. All you’ll need to have on a smartphone to writing app. And there are so many apps out there that we can’t mention them all here it would take to many pages.

The app that we created is the Profit Pal App. With this app on your phone, business people can do things like creating like create a job file which then gets used to send invoices to their clients.


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Invoicing for Plumbers

Invoicing for Plumbers

Plumbers Invoicing software is an important area for a plumber to consider. When it comes to invoicing for plumbers and trades people in general, there is no better app than the Profit Pal Mobile Invoicing App.

But let’s discuss this a little first, plumbers have many options when it comes to the tools they use. They have many plumbing tools at their disposal.

All of these are very important to getting the job done. There’s another that shouldn’t be overlooked!

Apps are an Important tools as well

In these modern times important to plumbers is how they will invoice their clients. To help plumbers with this there are apps which run on their cellphones.

One important app for a plumber to consider ios or android is the Porfit Pal Mobile Invoicing app, especially since this app was actually designed with trades people in mind. The app was tailored to be a tool for them to use.

The app has input fields specifically created to guide the trades person through the costing of the job. And the creation of the invoice for their customers.

Plumbers can use this app to establish the price for a job its easy to do with this app.

Apps are Easy

Invoicing for this way is easy.  All the plumber does is to enter the data into the required fields, that’s it the App does the rest.

They can enter their hourly rate, and cost of materials, and even miscellaneous stuff. They can enter the details of the job. And the App will calculate the totals. The plumber can then hit save and the app will create a job file and save that particular job for future reference.

When one thinks about invoicing for plumbers you should definitely consider using an app to help with the numbers, if only for clarity.

The Profit Pal Mobile Invoicing App has a map feature that allows you to put in the job location and the App calculates the miles and the fuel cost to the job.

That’s just one of the many features of this app. This really is the best invoicing app for Plumbers.

The Profit Pal Team

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Smartphone Invoicing

Invoicing with a Smartphone

It’s simply the ability to create and send invoices to your clients right from your smartphone.

Cell phones have come a long way today. They have more in common with computers than with a phone.

Have you ever looked inside one? If you do you will see that the look like your P. C. , only a smaller version.

Not only that, but the capacity or computing power of your smartphone is more than whole computers of the past contained.

Because of this computing power you can do so much more with you phone today. These new phones have lots of memory capacity, allowing them to do be used for things, reserved for large computers of times gone by. It’s only limited by our imaginations.

Smartphone invoicing is just a minor function for them. Having said that you will still need an Invoicing App to do this function.

The app contains the instructions as to how to create the invoice. The app has the instruction as to what the invoice will look like, and how it will work.

So let’s wrap this up. All you need for smartphone invoicing is a Smartphone and an app, that’s it. And once created you can email the invoice to your client.

The Profit Pal Team


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