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Contractor Protect Yourself From Frivolous Client Lawsuits

Contractor Protect Yourself from Frivolous Client Lawsuits

Contractor you really need to read this post because, as a contractor of any type, it’s important to protect yourself from frivolous client lawsuits. It’s becoming more prevalent for clients to complain about jobs that they feel were not done correctly in their view, and attempt to get refunds from the contractor that did the job.

This may or may not be an accurate assessment of the job; however, they still may prevail in a court of law if the contractor can’t make his case clearly and concisely.

Why These cases are more common Than You May Think!

This is one more reason why you should have the Profit Pal App on your Smartphone or Tablet. Since in the app you’ll enter exactly what you did at that particular job all of the details as well as the cost to do them. All of this will be saved in the App’s Job File and the app will also email that to you in your reports. All you’ll do there is tap reports and tab send and the app will immediately send the report to via your email.

It’s critical to save this information because normally in court cases it’s the person that has the information in an organized fashion and readily available is the one that wins the case. So when you create the job file in the Profit Pal App you should think in terms of covering yourself from any future liability as well.

Recent cases

Recently there was a court case in which the contractor had something so simple as text messages back and forth from his wife who happened to be their bookkeeper as it was a small construction business, they prevailed, just by having those text messages on the contractors’ Smartphone.

So can you see how important it is to have this information readily available? Get the App today and start protecting your valuable information today!

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