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Customer Invoicing and Apps

Invoicing With an App

Customer Invoicing and Apps

As the old saying goes “the customer is always right!” Today more than ever invoicing is accomplished using apps. And there are good reasons for this. Did you know that with an app on your Smart Phone or Tablet you can easily enter the location of the job using the Map Pins, and the app will automatically calculate the distance from where you are, to the new job location is?

Trades personnel that work in many different service businesses can take advatage of this easy way to track there job exspenses and invoice their customers. 

Why Use an App

Customer invoicing is so important and should not be under-estimated. As you use an app you’ll quickly become aware of the advantages some of which allow you to make better estimates of the actual job cost. There’s even a field where you enter your fuel cost, and the app will calculate that for you. Now you can you begin to see just how an app will help you with your day to day business needs!

Did you know the app saves this information into a job file, so you can have easy access to it whenever you need it. The job’s information, is easy to access right there on your Smart Phone or Tablet, so you can give quick answers as to what was done on that particular job?

You”be saving countless hours which can be better used for other important things?

Some Important Benefits

Speed is another important factor to consider. Accuracy, and profrsionalism are other important feature to using an app.

These are just a few of the benefits the Profit Pal app has to offer. So why hesitate when you can download this app on your Smart Phone or Tablet for a very inexpensive price and the benefits are priceless.

The app is packed full of benefits for you! To see all of these benefits and more that we’ve just explained, get over to one of the App Stores that applies to your device and check out the Profit Pal Mobile Invoicing App today! And take it for a test drive!

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