Why Anyone in Business Should Have an App?


Why Anyone in Business Should Have an App?

It really doesn’t matter what business you’re in, the fact is, chances are you need an app. So why doesn’t everyone have an app? Well until now, it’s taken a significant amount of time and money to develop an app. 

According to App Review sites even very simple apps will cost around $25,000.” (Not to mention, they take an average of 18 months to develop.) Most solopreneurs and small business owners simply don’t have this much cash OR time to invest in app creation.

Waiting 18 months for an app is entirely to long in this fast moving world!


Cost for Apps can be Prohibitive

So cost and time to make can definitely be one reason why everyone doesn’t own an app for their business yet! That’s only true if you try and create one yourself. Today there’s no need to do that!

The Profit Pal Mobile Invoicing App took at least that long to create. Most’ smaller type businesses just don’t have that much money laying around to invest in creating their own Business App.

It’s much smarter to purchase an app already designed and sitting in one of the App Stores like Google Play or Apple iTunes.

So we invested the thousands of our own dollars and created an app which makes complicated, confusing methods of invoicing a thing of the past. . .

And saves business owners thousands because they don’t need to hire expensive developers. . . and they can skip paying the recurring fees the other invoicing apps charge!

So Why Wouldn’t you have an App for Your Business?

So why doesn’t everyone have an app yet. Well it seems that many are afraid to adopt something they consider to be new. They may think that it’s just a fade and will pass.

Many business owners believe that it to complicated to run their business on an app, when the opposite is true. Every business owner needs an app to run their business on.

As soon as you get the app and enter your business information into the app the app will save it and you’ll use it each time you invoice a client. 

So the app has then made you to be more efficient right there!

But the statistics show that apps are here to stay and are being used by more and more people each and every day. So why doesn’t everyone have an app now?

Get More Business

Who can benefit by using this app? Local business owners , and entrepreneurs, it will generates excitement for your special offers . . . You’ll have the ability to send email notifications means you’ll get more customers coming back to check out your offers, and you’ll do it right from the app on your phone.

You can keep making excuses, or you can ‘get on board’ and start enjoying the same benefits many business owners are all ready enjoying!

To get the Profit Pal Mobile Invoicing App just go to either of the App Stores and download it Today!!!



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