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Electricians what do they do?

Electrician tools

Electricians maintain all of the electrical components in our homes and businesses. Electricians are highly trained individuals who need to be knowledgeable in all facets of electricity.

They work in many different areas, from the smallest electrical circuits to high voltage systems. They receive training right from the start on how electricity behaves in various circuits.

You might be thinking so what is the difference? Well there are many factors to be considered.


Safety is an important part of their training, this is because electricity can kill you if you aren’t familiar with dangers involved in dealing with it.

Anyone working with electricity must take precautions. Maybe you haven’t noticed that the ladders used by electricians are different than ones used by the average home owner. This is because they use ladders that are made from fiberglass. This is because fiberglass is non-conductive. What that means is that a current won’t pass through fiberglass. This is so that if the electrician places their ladder next to a voltage source they won’t get electrocuted by the electrical source.

A thing called Amperage

Amperage is the thing that can kill you when dealing with electrical circuits. A way to describe amperage is to examine a water hose if you don’t have a nozzle on the hose the water comes out, but not with much force. Now when you put a nozzle on the hose since it is restricted it comes out with more force, so you can use it to wash your car.

Electricity behave in much the same way. There are various designed circuits to do different types of work. In order to do the work the voltage is put under a load. Weather to run an electrical motor or a radio or you get the idea! Now think of the work that the electricity is doing is like the nozzle you placed on the water hose, much stronger!

A thing called Voltage

Voltage can be compared to the flow of the water, the more flow you have the more capacity and the more work that can be done. The power lines that bring electricity to your home are high voltage lines. These lines are very dangerous since they are carrying high voltages that could kill you instantly.

The man and woman that work on these system have to be trained in dealing with them. They know what to do to work with electricity safely.

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