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Forget about Paper Invoices

Forget About Paper Invoices

Forget about using paper invoices at this time of global viruses. The CDC says that viruses can live on surfaces for up to 9 days. So why take the chance of handling a paper invoice that may be contaminated and get you sick, when you can invoice your clients electronically right from your smartphone.

When you have an app like ours you can send the client an invoice via an email. They can view it on their phone by just opening their email. So much better and less chance of spreading any viruses around.

We have many ways to avoid contact with these dirty germs today. In the past, that wasn’t an option but it is today. Not to mention that electronic methods are much better at accounting for all of the costs involved in a job.

There are Additional benefits to invoicing with an app

With an app, you don’t have to worry that you left something out since by filling in the data the app is helping you to account for all of the important items involved in the job.

It just makes sense to use an app when you consider all of the advantages there are to using one.

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