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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Someone once said, the only dumb question, is the one you don’t ask!

Questions are why this site exist in the first place. Most websites have a section titled Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s), this is where they give you a question, and then follow up with the answer to that particular question. Here at the Home of The Profit Pal App, we do things a little different. Instead, we provide complete blog articles about all of the particular features in the app, as well as other useful articles about business invoicing in general.

This May seem Different to Some

Their method may be suitable for some applications; however, since the Profit Pal App is a business app, and all of the scenarios that will affect your business out there can’t be anticipated, we take a different approach.

Once you have become familiar with the app and take some time to read the Blog Articles you will be an expert with the app.  We take each area of the app break it down to specifics, and explain how to use it. We also tell you the advantages of that area, and how it can help you day to day. We think this is a better approach since it is a way of teaching an overall strategy to use the app and its features.

Areas in the App

You have a better understanding of the areas, and you can decide the best way to improve your own particular situation. Since each person who downloads the app is in a different business and has different issues associated with their business needs. We feel this approach is better suited for this type of application.  

The articles are generally no more than approximately 300 words or so. This allows you to breeze through them quickly, and get a greater understanding of the app. Now don’t think that because we took this approach the app is difficult to use, that’s by no means the case. This app was designed to be used by anyone, It’s just that some may get more out of it by reading the articles, and achieving a higher level of understanding that’s all. You be the judge! We hope this answers your questions.

The Profit Pal Team  

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