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Google Play Store Apps for Invoice

The Play Store is a market place for apps of all kinds.  The apps that are in the Google Play Store have two pricing structures. They are either free, or at a cost. 

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Google Play Store Apps for Invoice

The Google Play Store is a digital products market place. The apps in the Google Play Store are designed to run on your Android devices. Android is a software operating system, designed by Google developers.

As you’re visiting the Play Store you’ll find thousands of developer apps to run on your android type devices. These software packages are called SDK’s or software development kits.

When Google launched the Play Store on March 6, 2011, it didn’t take long for it to grow exponentially. Google’s idea was to create a Market Place where developers of android apps could display and sell their apps.

Quickly the Google Play Store became a separate online store. It would then provide a virtual market place for all of the Android coded apps.

A few ranges of these are Music apps, E-book apps, Movie apps, and business apps of all sorts. And today there are even T.V. Apps.

Two Pricing Structures for Apps

When Google’s  Play Store was created in March of 2011 since then thousands of developers have flocked there to take advantage of the market place. And millions of apps have been created and are in use today!

The Google Play Store is where these apps can be displayed to prospective users. There you can read a short description of the app as to what it is used for, be it a gaming app, or a serious business app. The description will help you to know what that particular app is about.

The Play Store has been a huge success and is a large market place for apps of all kinds.  The apps that are there have two basic pricing structures. These two are, either free or at a cost.

If your app is free then most likely it will have banner ads in it, to provide revenues to the developer to recoup the cost of creating the app.

Whenever it’s an at cost app, then you’ll either pay a one-time charge. Or you’ll sign up for a subscription, in which case they charge you every month, for the use of the app.

Google Makes the Rules

Your apps will go through a rigorous review process. And your app must get approved by Google to be listed in there. Important things like the age-appropriateness of the consumers are paramount.

The apps there are rated for appropriateness, as to whether appropriate for all audiences or limited for adults only.

Google’s Approval Process

Google owns the playing field when it comes to Android apps. Google is very serious about which apps are allowed to play on their field. And will often deny apps from being listed there if they don’t adhere to strict guidelines. Applications that are considered to exploit any of google’s rules are banned from the platform.

Advantage of The Google Play Store

An advantage of placing your app there and deploying it there is that it’ll have access to many countries. Google has expanded into almost all countries these days, making it possible for developers to grow their users in many countries.

That’s why when you get that great idea’ for an app, the Google Play Store might be a good place for you to deploy your next great idea!

We hope this gives you a better understanding of what’s the Play Store is all about, and what’s available at the Google Play Store. Why not visit it today, just follow the link provided here and see our app!

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