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Happiness Comes in Many Forms


Happiness Comes in Many Forms

Something to consider

In your life you’ll find happiness if you know where to look.

Because happiness comes in many different forms.

Let me explain, happiness is a state of mind’ you make yourself happy depending on what you perceive value to be in. If you love a cup of coffee in the morning and that has value to you, then that can make you happy.

I am sure if you start to consider this you can find something to be happy about.

It can be something like having the ability to read this message. What if you didn’t have that ability, well then you can be happy about that.

You can be happy if you wake up in the morning, and the sun is shining. You can be happy about that because there are possibilities for your new day. The possibilities are endless and you wouldn’t have those possibilities if that one important thing didn’t happen.

Can you now start to see the possibilities out there for happiness? When you have another day to live, how wonderful is that?

As for me I get happy just to see all of the buildings that some architects designed and were built by contractors. I admire the beauty in them!

Throughout my day I see many things that make me happy and having my eyesight to enjoy them, well that makes me happy too’

See if you can find something that brings you some happiness today! This life is full of wonderful things to enjoy if you’ll just take a moment to contemplate upon them.


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