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Adding and Invoicing Material In The App


Invoicing Material on the Job is easy with the Profit Pal App

Adding material to the list in the Invoice materials feature within the Profit Pal Mobile Invoicing App is now possible since the app now includes a whole Materials control system.

You simply add whatever material that you carry on your work vehicle along with the quantities to the materials list. Once added to the list you can then select one item or however many you have in inventory on the list and as you do they will be added to the cost of materials on the new invoice your creating.

To Create the Invoice with Material Included

To invoice materials you’ll start by tapping the Company Inventory button on the App Features Screen (main screen).

Creating the Material on the List

When adding material to the app you need to first create your materials inventory! You’ll do this by selecting  “Company Inventory” Button and then select the “New material” button. There you’ll enter the Part Name, Price per unit, Size, and Start QTY. Once added tap the Calculate button at the top of the screen. Each time you add a part you must hit the Calculate button to submit it to the app.

Once you have created the list of the material by adding each part and tapping the save button you’ll see it say “submission” and save, that part is now on the list. You can now use the Add feature on the jobs creation screen by tapping it will go to the Materials List and let you select the material and quantities to add to the job.

You’ll select the item you are adding to the job the quantity, and tap the calculate button at the top, and the app will add it to the job. Hit the + and continue to add parts from your list each time you add a new part to the invoice just hit the save button and that part will be added to the job file and later go into the invoice.

That’s all there is to it! Just practice it a few times and you’ll get it!

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