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How to make a Materials List

How to create a Materials List

The materials list is where you put your inventory it’s easy with an app like the Profit Pal App.

This app has a materials list, sometimes called the Inventory. In the materials list you’ll add all of your inventory items, be they raw stock, parts, or whatever you normally stock.

The app allows you to enter the name of each item, a description of the item, and the pricing information.

The app is easy to use’

The app is easy to understand no complicated computer terminology. You just get a simple straight forward field where you enter the part name, a description, such as ½ inch copper tubing, you’ll quickly get the idea.

Then you just save the information and you’ve created an item on the list. Then whenever you create an invoice you get to add these items to the invoice that you send to your customers.

No more wondering if you billed the customer for that part as you’ll be able to look at the invoice you made and it will be listed right there.

You’ll need to create the List of your Materials

The only draw-back to this is that you will need to create the list yourself in the app since every business is different so they don’t do that for you. But not to worry just add the items to the list whenever you purchase them, that way you’ll be should have them on the list whenever you need to put them into your customer’s invoice.

It doesn’t get any better than this. You’ll be able to add new materials and edit them when necessary. This is where you’ll look up your materials they’re on the list.

We have created videos that are on our YouTube channel for your benefit.

To get the App just follow the link that applies to your device’

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