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How to set up In-App Purchases on an Apple iPhone

How to make Purchases Inside of Your Apps

In-app purchases may be useful to you! If you would like to purchase offers that are available in an app that you have downloaded to your iPhone. It’s sometimes not so obvious.

As you use any of the apps on your phone, at some time you may come across something that you find useful. So you attempt to make a purchase of the offer, but wait it won’t download to the app.

What to do? well, that’s why we put the steps that you’ll need to take to allow your iPhone to get access to these In-App Purchases. Just follow the steps below and you should be all set to take advantage of these offers.

Just be careful what offers you click on in an in-app purchase as those can be tricky as they can set on going or recurring payments on your credit card. Then it becomes incumbent upon you to later cancel them if they really are not something that you wanted.

I myself have been faced with this problem, where I had to call my cell phone provider to stop a paid subscription that was set up on my account. And it happened so fast that I wasn’t really aware what the offer was when I clicked on it by accident. Just be careful and you should be just fine when it come to these types of things.

How to Make Purchases with an Apple ios phone.

  1. Go to Settings
  2. General-Restrictions
  3. Content & App Store Purchases
  4. iTunes & App Store Purchases
  5. Check the box Allow
  6. And your all set to use In-App Purchases

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