Inventory Control

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Inventory Control is one of the most Important Issue for any Business

Inventory is an important issue for any business. Did you know that the Profit Pal Mobile invoicing App Now Come’s with an Inventory Control Feature

You could literally pay thousands of dollars to get a program that  can monitor and control your inventory.

Many people asked us for this feature since they have trouble knowing where all of their parts are. That can get expensive especially if you’re buying parts multiple times.

Now with this help, you’ll know just where all of your parts are. This is just the kind of help you’ve been waiting for. You’ve got to admit this one is amazing! Now you have the power to know where all of your parts are. This is how you get more with Profit Pal App than you do from the other guy’s apps out there.

One of the most annoying situations that just about every business comes across at one time or another, are part shortages.

This can be very troublesome, as most likely the worker/ technician will have to stop working and go for parts, and that’s a major time eater.

As if that’s not bad enough if you don’t have an Inventory Control system, then you most likely don’t have a way to track what parts went into what job either!

The Dangers of Not Knowing Your Inventory’

And that one can actually become dangerous to your business. An example would suppose the technician working for you, says that he put a new part at that location.

And the job fails. And you find out that the new part you thought went into that job actually went into a different job.

That situation could become a big problem for your business, and rather embarrassing as well. Especially when you’re confronted with an irate client.

How about avoiding dead inventory? That’s could be costing you lots of money! And another issue, say you would like to only stock what’s actually selling?

Well, guess what, there’s now a solution to these problems as well. They can actually be avoided. That’s if you have an application like the Profit Pal Mobile Invoicing Application.

Inventory Control Feature

With the added feature of Inventory Control Feature built right into the application. This feature allows you to maintain your very own Inventory Control List, where you list all of the parts on your work truck, as well as their cost.

And as you add them to the invoices, the part counts are reduced. So you not only know how many more you have left, but even the cost for those parts are automatically accounted for on the bill. 

This feature can actually track your inventory count, quantity’s used, and remaining parts in your bin, so you’ll know where you stand on parts each and every day.

It just doesn’t get any better than this! This is how we give you more! We’ve thought of everything in this application, and made it easy for you. So no more excuses!

Now with this application on your Smartphone or Tablet, you and your business are covered in so many different ways.

Don’t waste any more time, especially since “time is money” As they say.

Creating the Job File

  1. Tap on the app’s icon and you’ll be at the New Jobs Screen
  2. Look to the bottom of the app and tap on the App Features Tab
  3. You’ll see six large buttons Select the second one that says App Features
  4. There select New Jobs that opens the Add Jobs screen. Tap the Plus + sign in the green radio button
  5. Now you’re in the New Job Screen Here’s where you add all of the job information
  6. Enter the job title (which can be the property address or whatever you use to call you jobs)
  7. Example 300 Newtown Lane, then in the Description box enter some information as to what you’re doing at that location Example; Repairs to plumbing water valves…
  8. Next, you’ll see the Map Pins Tap the first map Pin and move the map with your finger to where the job is. Just get close and tap again and its marked with a red star, doesn’t need to be exact as this is used for your travel expense.
  9. Next look at the other Map Pin it says Current location Tap second Map Pin and it’ll be at your current location just tap Done and the app has the distance calculated
  10. Next, Enter the number of hours for that job in Hours Worked, then next look at Hourly Rate, enter your hourly rate if it’s 45/ hour then just enter 45 the estimated hours will fill in
  11. Price of fuel, enter the dollar amount you paid per gallon of fuel, if it was $3.15, just enter 3.15
  12. Next is the Mileage expense enter whatever you’re allowed for wear and tear on your vehicle there, if its 50 cents a mile enter .50 there

Creating Your Material List

It’s important to add the new materials you’re carrying onto the Materials List. We will add the materials, one thing to remember here, in order to select the material you’ll need to have added them to your materials list first, very important! So if you haven’t made your Materials List, go do that now, since you can’t add what isn’t there.

    1. Where it says Add materials tap  and Select material opens, tap the green button that says Select material, the Materials List opens and all of the materials that you pre-populated are there. You just tap on that material  you’re adding to the job, then at the top tap the Save button, a screen opens, that now shows the material you selected you can icrease quantity there. The quantity of how many of those parts went into the job
    1. Once you’ve entered the quantity just continue to fiil in the job info 
    1. Next is Percentage Markup, this is there in case you need to markup you can increase by a percentage
    1. Next are the difficulty Level and dollar amount. This was added in case you find the job is more difficult than anticipated, and you need to add dollars for that. Here you can just add the extra dollar amount
    1. Next are Taxes here you just enter a percentage that is charged in your area. Remember this applies to the materials only, so if you enter 8.75 then the app adds 8.75 percent to the cost on the materials and shows it on the left in Total taxes
    1. Next at the Top again tap Save, the Add Jobs Screen opens and shows Total Jobs cost there you tap the Save  button The app saves the job to the Job File
  1. Now you should be back at the App Menu

Making the New Invoice

    1. Tap the New Invoice button, the invoice screen opens, Next, you’ll need to select the job from the Job File where you saved it, so where it says Choose job, Then enter the eAIL ADDRESS THAT YOU WANT THE INVOICE TO GO T
    1. And your invoice is being created, and will open up on the screen it will say PDF Report at the top and it’s a nice looking invoiceFrom here you can just email it out to your client

This is the easiest app to work with, so have fun using it and don’t worry you can’t hurt the app.

This Concludes this Inventory Control Feature Walk-through


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