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No More Paper Invoices

No Paper Invoices

No Paper Invoices

No more paper invoices required today! When invoicing your clients why not just do it directly from your phone?

How to do this you may be asking? Let me tell you how all you’ll need to do this is to download an app like ours to your phone.

No Paper Invoices its Easy with an App

It’s easy, just go to the App Store that’s the one for your cell phone be it Google Play or Apple’s App Store.

In the search box there type in Profit Pal App and it should come up on the page.

Take a look at the screenshots there, that will be your first view of what the app will look like on your device.

Read the description of the app and if you think it’s the one for you, then select buy.

If you have an account set up with Apple or Google you will be able to get it instantly, if not then just enter the required information and use a credit card to get the app that way.

Download an App from one of the App Store

Once you have downloaded it to your device, you’ll need to sign in to the app by entering your Signup info, which is normally your email address and a password that you create.

I suggest you write down the password, just in case you’re like me and have so many passwords that I often forget them.

You won’t need to sign in each time since the app remembers it for each consecutive use.

And if you should lose your password there is a Forgot Password Feature.

With the Forgot password feature you’ll enter your email address you used at signup and the app will immediately send you a link with a Token to use to create a new password to use.

It not hard if you get confused just follow the steps here and get back up and running.

Its really simple to get away from using paper invoices once you get the hang of it you’ll be freed from ever needing paper to invoice your clients that way ever again.

Thanks for reading

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