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What is Online Invoicing All About?

A Primer on the advancements in Online Invoicing 

What is Online invoicing all about and are apps are the way business is conducted today?

A Little History is In Order

When computers were first invented they were just stand alone devices. These devices were primarily used in offices to create documents. They were kind of like a glorified typewriter.

That’s probably why they still use the qwerty key board to this day. Mainly people used them to create documents with.

Soon some were even made to just to play games on them. Seems like such a waste of computing power. But those days are long gone. Even game programs today have been transformed into programs that can be used for designing and graphics.

Times have changed’

As the use of computers became more main stream, more uses were found for it. and the Cell Phone was invented. Which in effect was a small computer in its on right’

Water under the bridge now, as computing power has grown exponentially to speed things up. Computers today can almost function at the speed we think at. This is a fantastic time to be alive.

At the beginning it was just designed to be a communication device. But it also began to evolve, and began its metamorphic climb.

Combining Computers with the Cell Phone

First came the ability to text with it. Soon these phones became smarter and smarter, thus the term we use today Smartphones. Now not only do cell phones text, but you can even surf the World Wide Web with them. The advancements have truly been revolutionary in scope.

Like the P.C. of yesterday cell phones have continued to metamorphose into a powerful tool. Since all of this computing power was placed into cell phones it wasn’t long before code writers were aware of the computing power that was available in these new cell phones. And thus was born the age of apps. These are just computer programs that can run on smartphones.

It had to be the case that all of this computing power in the new phones could not go to waste. And the quest has begun, there are apps for just about everything, from scheduling your appointments to navigating your car to them. And who can say that these apps aren’t helpful, I sure can’t.

What the Next Trends may bring?

So we can see, we have come a long way to where we are today. With the advent of The Smart Phone came another leap forward for the computer. Since smart phones are really just portable computers.

In a quest to take over most of life’s little annoyances, apps are designed to do anything pretty much, that people find boring.

If the trend continues I can see a day where an app will do everything. I almost hate to say that, but I think we will see that someday. But I digress.

Smart Phones for Invoicing

The subject today here is Online Invoicing Apps, so with all of that behind us let me introduce the Profit Pal Mobile Invoicing App. It’s an app that will allow anyone with a business to create a job in an efficient and logical manor. Save it for your records, and create an invoice to give to your clients. It’s the culmination of just one of the things apps have evolved to do, at the present time. The reason it’s called an online invoicing app, is because, it sends your data via email thru email servers thus online.

If you are in any type of small business you owe it to yourself to try out the Profit Pal Mobile Invoicing App today!

The Profit Pal Team


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