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Paper or?

Paper or?

Paper is a thing that we are so used to, that we think its been around forever! If you’ve been alive for any amount of time then you have to be familiar with this thing we call paper. It because we are so used to using it that we take for granted just how it came about.

The History of Paper

Paper has been used for thousands of years, back in time it was called papyrus. History was written on it, this is how information was conveyed. Papyrus is a material similar to thick paper that was used in ancient times as a writing surface. It was made from the pith of the papyrus plant, Cyperus papyrus,


Ever since man learned to write he has relied on something to write on. Stone, or paper. Think of all the books and newspapers you’ve read. Magazines, school textbooks, all made of paper.

China & Eygpt first to Adopt

The world’s first recorded papermaking process dates to 105 AD. Ts’ai Lun, a court official for the Chinese Han Dynasty, pulped mulberry tree fibers together with used rags and fishnets to create the first recorded paper – not to be confused with alternative surfaces for writing and communication.

Then there was Egypt, In ancient Egypt, the papyrus plant was used to make a thick material similar to paper, and many ancient cultures used dried animal skins known as parchment for writing on.

Internet-Article: A celebration of paper: from creation to modern times

Things Do Change

However; things don’t always stay the same’, fewer and fewer transactions take place on paper these days. In this digital age, we rely on doing things with computers. The paper has more and more taking a back seat.

Many of us don’t even want to receive paper statements any longer I know that I don’t. Most of us just want the email receipt.

Paper was a discovery of man, and not necessarily “written in stone” “tongue & Cheek” what I am saying is that just as it paper was invented back in time so-to our modern inventions are just as ubiquitous and useful today.

In just case I am getting to convolute here’ it’s just that we now have computers to do our writing on.  By using computer programs like Microsoft Word and others we can write on any subject without paper and send that document to anyone we chose via email.

So as you can see we have made another advancement, in these modern times just as equal to, or even more important, than when man first discovered the use of the papyrus plant.

Its Easier Today

It gets even easier today with the adoption of smartphones, which is in effect a computer in its own right’. All you’ll need to have on a smartphone to writing app. And there are so many apps out there that we can’t mention them all here it would take to many pages.

The app that we created is the Profit Pal App. With this app on your phone, business people can do things like creating like create a job file which then gets used to send invoices to their clients.


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