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Invoice Generator

Why you should be using an Invoice Generator

An Invoice Generator is an important tool to use in business today! Every business out there should have an invoice generator to generate invoices at some point in time. Many businesses send out hundreds of invoices a day.

That being the case it’s important to have the ability to invoice your clients effectively. Today that’s easier than ever to accomplish. By downloading an invoicing app on your Smartphone. Its much better than using the old fashion paper invoicing method.

The reason that it’s better is because, if the client don’t want to carry paper around, then you don’t need to. With an invoicing app you just create and send it to them via email there from your phone. That way you have the choice to read it, and if the you want a paper copy all you do is send it to a printer.

It’s a much more convenient that way to conduct business. I know that  it works for me. I probably haven’t even printed out many paper invoices and I have received many in the last year. I just like to read them at my leisure and if the’re correct then that’s good enough for me. That way I don’t need to save all of that paper.

These days we just don’t want to store excess paper unless it’s absolutely necessary. That’s why it’s good to have an invoice generator to send the bill to your clients. They will appreciate you more for considering these things beforehand. People now days want to work with businesses that know how to use the technological thats available.

If you think about it, it makes sense. Imagine yourself needing a surgery for some illness, and going to a hospital that was using equipment from the 1920’s. Not a comfortable feeling is it? Especially when you know that there’s so much good new technology to help people now days that wasn’t around back then. You would want the doctor to use the best equipment available today right?

You should really look at it from your clients perspective, don’t you think they want a Tradesman who uses the latest tools. That says a lot about you and your business. It says to them that you’re a competent Tradesman who knows how to conduct business in these modern times.

And isn’t that’s the positive impression you want to give them. So get yourself an Invoice Generator and please your clients. We recomend the Profit Pal App.

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Unlimited Invoices

Unlimited Invoices
You can actually create unlimited invoices with an invoicing app.
What most people don’t know, is that if you have an invoicing app downloaded to your Smartphone, you can create as many invoices as you need.

Of course what we’re talking about here are electronic invoices. But why would you want to use any other way now days!
When you can send and receive invoices via email why would you want to do business any other way?

Today more than ever people are turning to mobile invoicing as a way to do business.
It just so much more convenient than the old ways of paper invoicing. It’s easy, you just create the job file in the app, and that data goes into the invoice, and there you have it! an electronic invoice to send to your clients.

What a day we live in, technology has really come to the rescue!
It’s much easier to do business today if your using the tools that are available. There are just so many advantages to using an app for your business pursuit’s, that if you’re not taking advantage of them, then you’re falling behind.

An app like the Profit Pal Mobile invoicing App can create invoices, estimate jobs, and do a lot more.
Why wouldn’t you take advantage of all of the benefits you can have for your business with the app.
When you consider the small one time price for the app, compared to all of the invoices you’ll be able to send to clients, it just doesn’t make sense to go any other way.

Today is your day to catch up, and give your business all of the advantages in this app to ensure you’re staying at the top of your game. Once you have an app like the Profit Pal App on your smartphone you’ll learn to maximize your estimates and invoice clients with an eye towards increased profits.

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Invoicing Apps for Gardeners


Invoicing Apps for Gardeners

Gardeners do a great service for homeowners. Gardeners help owners keep and maintain their property, this helps to keep their home values up.

There’s nothing worse for a neighborhood than to see homes with unsightly, and overgrown yards. It really makes the neighborhood look bad, and can even lower home values.

Especially when one considers the price of a home nowadays. Today it’s more important than ever to maintain your property.

For these reasons, gardeners have become in high demand. Every day someone is asking a friend if they know of a reliable gardener to take care of their yard.

If you happen to be a gardener, then just know that your services are in sorely needed by the many homeowners out there.

Invoicing apps for gardeners can be a big help to you as well. Invoicing apps today can be used by almost every business out there, and Gardeners are no exception.

What’s important for you as a gardener, is to know that you need to be as efficient as you can to maximize your earnings.

Luckily now days almost everyone has a Smartphone. And with a Smartphone, you can actually become more efficient, and keep your customers happy at the same time.

You know that many homeowners will ask you for a receipt at billing time. And even at other times during the month when you may do a trimming, or clean up job for them.

Luckily today you can create an estimate for them, and invoice them right from your Smartphone.

It’s really simple with an app downloaded to your phone. An app like the Profit Pal Mobile Invoicing App Android.

This app has many features to help you with your gardening business. Not only can you estimate, and invoice on it, but you can even send an occasional coupon to your customers, and all right there from your phone.

Don’t think that your business is too low tech to take advantage of a Smartphone App, that’s just not the case.

With this app on your phone, your customers will be impressed when you email them their invoice. They will be happy with you for doing that. And will most likely recommend you to their friends.

So don’t hesitate to get the app today it was made for you too.

The Profit Pal Team


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Small Business Invoicing

Requirements of Smaller Type Businesses

Small businesses have some of the same requirements as the bigger companies. Things like accounting software, job tracking, and even inventory control.

We Listened to a Plumber

We talk to plumbers and asked them what they needed to have in an app, and this is what they said’

One Plumbing Contractor said if he had an APP to do business with, he would want something like inventory control.

He replied that what he needed was a way to keep track of the parts that his guys were putting into the jobs.

We could immediately see how this could be very important. Imagine that down the road a customer complained that something went wrong with the job. 

Now imagine that you as the contractor don’t know if new parts went into that job. What a mess that could be for your business.

After taking his considerations into account, we designed what we call the Material’s Feature into the app.

We took that information and got busy, and we created that feature into the Profit Pal App. It’s called the Materials List.

How the Material’s Feature Works

The way this works is, a user of the app you create your list of materials. They can parts that you may carry on your work vehicle.

And it doesn’t matter what may be because you’ll title them yourself. And you assign the pricing for them as well. And you also set the quantity counts, so that by looking at how many you have left you can restock your truck.

Each time you put one or more of these items on the list, the app will add them to the invoice. And it will subtract them from the list counts.

Additional Features

We know how important it is for smaller businesses not to lose money. So that’s why we added the additional features.

That’s why we added features like your fuel cost. With that feature, the app will calculate the fuel you are using to get to the jobs.

Travel cost is important for many smaller businesses as well’ So we added a way for you to get paid for that in case you want to use it.

If you don’t need to use that, well then you just enter a 0 in that field. All of these features are your decision to use them or not. It’s up to you the user.

To Sum it Up

So we listened to our small business customers and created this great feature. Try the app today, and you’ll see just how easy it is for you to conduct your business on our app.

The Profit Pal App Team

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Customers by using Coupons


How to stay in Touch with Customers

It’s important to stay in touch with customers who have used your services in the past. Obviously there are many reasons for that. But what’s probably the upmost on your list is that you don’t lose that customer to another business in your same field. If that happens then you aren’t doing your best to keep the business. Since once you have performed a service for a customer it should be much easier for you to get their loyalty and repeat business. Studies have shown this to be true. So what are you doing today to stay in touch with them?

Have you ever noticed how when you go to any presentation of seminar they always want you email address? I know I have seen that many times. Do you know the reason for this? It’s so they can stay in touch with you. Because they know that since you have already taken action by coming to their event, it should be easier to get you to buy something from them in the future .

There are actually many different ways to do this, you could send them a sales letter or post card. That works well; however, this is usually more expensive. Another way is to call them directly, and that is very time consuming, and who’s got that much time to use for that purpose when you’re busy working jobs!

The Solution!

The solution to your dilemma is to send them something they’ll find useful. This is a subtle way to stay in touch with them, and at the same time be marketing your services to them. What I am taking about are coupons. Why not just send them a coupon? Coupons are a great way to stay in touch, and also drum up new business at the same time. Your customer will be glad to get them, and most likely save them for future work. This keeps you on their mind for when they need your services again.

So don’t take coupons for granted, they really are a great way to stay in touch with your customers and keep them from going to your competition.

And the good news is that you can do this right from your phone. All you will need is to download the app that can do this for you. The app is easy to use and you will find it to be indispensable to you.

So don’t delay get the app it’s available at Google Play and at Apple iTunes stores.

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Definition of an Invoice

What actually is the Definition of an Invoice 

An Invoice is an accounting tool of what the transaction was about. So let’s look into it, what’s the definition of an invoice anyway? Well, this according to  Webster’s Dictionary Online an invoice is an itemized statement of money owed for goods shipped, or services rendered. A written account of the particulars of merchandise shipped or sent to a purchaser, consignee, factor, etc., with the value or prices and charges annexed.

The lot or set of goods as shipped or received; as the merchant receives a large invoice of the goods.

One area on the invoice should include, who t send a bill to; “She invoiced the company for her expenses.” To make a written list or account of, as goods to be sent to a consignee; to insert in a priced list; to write or enter in an invoice. The base verb from the following inflections: invoicing, invoiced, invoices, invoicer,  and invoiced.

The word can be used as a Noun: as in “the invoice is ready.” Or it can be used as a Verb: as in, are you invoicing the customer?

Today; however, with the advent of computers, it’s possible to send them directley to customers via email.

In the past, much of this was done on paper. Today that’s no longer the case.

Why use snail mail when It’s much easier to use your Smartphone  All you’ll need is an app on your phone that allows you to send it to customer’s right from your phone.

What to do?

So how is this accomplished? When you create the job file, that data is saved and when your ready to send an invoice that information is brought over and builds the invoice that you’re sending to your customer. Then the app just uses the email account that you have set up on your phone, so it will show up as coming from you.

Most of us today receive our invoices right on our phones anyway, gone are the days when we needed to go to our home computers to receive our emails.

We recommend to people that you use an app to invoice since this creates a record for you, as well as a copy for your customer.

Please consider using the Profit Pal Mobile Invoicing App as it does all of the above.


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Office Apps Today

Office Apps
Get an App for your Business

Office Apps Today

Office apps are used everywhere today. The Traditional office is becoming less important. With the advent of Smartphones, it becomes easier than ever to separate yourself from an office environment.

This has many different Implications for people depending on your preferences. Some will miss all of the interaction with their peers in the office, and some will not miss that at all.

Don’t know which house you’re in, but the truth is undeniable. For those of us who don’t miss the office politics, it’s much better to be able to function and not being in a traditional office setting.

Office apps on Smartphones and Tablets are what’s making this a reality possible today.

Of course, there are always those people who like to suck up to the boss, and thus prefer to be as close to him or her as possible. But if you prefer your own peace of mind and function well when you work alone. And maybe you don’t like dealing with office politics, then this new office reality is probably for you!

An office app can free you to work from wherever you happen to be. They can really free you up! Many of us actually perform much better when we are not dealing with the various personality types that we would have to navigate in a traditional office setting.

This new way can really be uplifting!

With these apps today on your phone, you can create documents, print them out with a mobile printer, or you can email the doc’s straight to your clients, via your email account.

If you’re a person that works in the Trades, you can really take advantage of these apps to make your life easier. An app like the Profit Pal Mobile Invoicing App is designed to help work mobile from your vehicle. With it on your Smartphone or Tablet, you can create job estimates, make invoices, and even send coupons to your clients. All right from your phone.

The good news is these apps are not expensive either. The Profit Pal App only low cost you cab be calculating jobs and sending invoices to your customers.

Try it today!

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How to Properly Estimate Your Jobs

The Estimate
The Estimate

How to Properly Estimate a Job

When you estimate your job there are many important things to consider. First what type of work will this be? Wood, Concrete, Plumbing, Electrical you get the idea.

Will there be any special considerations? Such as difficulties to overcome. The reason for taking this approach is that you can only then ensure you’ve accounted for the complexities of the actual work at hand. Once you’ve done that, and most likely determined it will be a normal job you can then put that behind you, and get on with creating a normal estimate for the work.

The job estimate needs to be comprehensive, on your end. What I mean to say by that is it’s important that you get all of your cost included in your initial estimate as much as possible because you don’t want to have to go back to your client and ask for more money right after you begin the job. That can be very annoying to clients. That’s why you need to put the thought into the estimating process beforehand!

A good way to do this is to have a company template that’s where you enter your company information that you will use when you’re creating estimates for the jobs. The template should include areas where you can account for the hours you estimate the job will take, an area where you can account for the materials that will go into the job.

Accounting for All the Work

There should even be an area where you can account for miscellaneous things and even an area where you can account for the full cost of moving your vehicle to the job site. No one area is more important than another, they should all carry the same weight in the estimate.

There are reasons for this. If you fail to get paid correctly for the job then that’s called doing charity work. And that’s OK if that’s your intention, but not OK if you in business to make a living.

Now what you may not know is that there is an app for your Smartphone that has already taken all of these areas into consideration and has a built-in Job Template you can use to estimate jobs with.

The name of the app is the Profit Pal Mobile Invoicing App. This app can guide you through the process of making great estimates for your jobs. When you log into the app it has a sheet that you follow to input the numbers and the app does the calculations in the background saving your numbers to go into the invoice you will send your clients.

This app can really help you to make better estimates!

Estimating and Bidding Watch This Video

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How to Bid Your Jobs

How to Bid Your Jobs

How to Bid Your Jobs Videos

It’s important to know what the hourly rates for work are in your area. This is easier than you think. You can accomplish this with a simple phone call.

One Way to Get the Job Cost

There are ways to find out what contractors in your area are charging for jobs. You can call a few of them and ask them to give you an idea as to what a particular job will cost.

If it’s a concrete laying job make sure to have the square feet that you plan on laying. You also want to know the grade of concrete you want to use. That matters as to whether you laying concrete for a patio or you’re doing a driveway where the weight of cars has to be a consideration. Doing this can greatly improve your bidding process.

Knowing the Job Details Before You Bid!

Make sure you know all of the details of the job so that you are comparing apples to apples. It’s important to know what your actual cost will be. You should know the cost of a job before you give them the estimate. People almost always do their own homework before they call you. So it’s important that you’re in the ballpark. Since your customer will most likely have a ballpark idea what the job should cost, and you may lose the job by bidding to high. There are of course areas where you can pay the bill but you don’t have a chance if you don’t win the bid first.

Click on the links on this page and watch some of the videos about bidding jobs. These videos will help you to make great bids that your customers will be happy with.

And remember that apps like the Profit Pal Mobile Invoicing App can help with profitably bidding your jobs.

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Mobile Invoicing Apps for Business

Mobile Invoicing Apps
Mobile Invoicing Apps

Mobile Invoicing Apps for Business, What Are They?

So what are Mobile Apps for Business? Mobile Invoicing Apps are used every day. They are generally apps that can be used to invoice customers from a Smart Phone or Tablet.

The purpose and reason for having mobile invoicing app’s is the convenience they provide the user. In the old traditional way of invoicing customers typically the tradesman or woman would have a pad of multiple receipts, on which they would write down what was done for that particular customer and how much was charged for the job. An invoicing app allows you to enter details of the job, and that’s and all of the cost involved with doing the job.

The problem with that method is it was hit or miss, and sometimes things were left out of the invoice. Things that could latter come to haunt the trades’ person. For example what it he trades person forgot to put on the invoice what materials cost that went into the job?

Accounting for the fuel cost

I am sure that many trades’ people didn’t even account for their fuel and travel cost to the job. These may seem like small things but in reality they can really add up over time. Think about it if a trades man or woman didn’t charge let’s say $20.00 for fuel cost to each job they did in a months’ time how much would that add up to say each year. The amount of lost revenue can really hurt that trade’s person’s bottom line. Mobile applications can really help with this.

After all aren’t you in business to make money and not to lose it? I bet you probably have areas that you can think of, areas where trades people have been losing money. And it’s not like your charging for something that’s not an actual expense. It’s just that you want to get every penny that went into the job.

These are some of the reasons many people have turned to Mobile Invoicing Apps today. It’s more of a system to help the trades’ person to get paid correctly than anything else.

Since the apps have a Template that one follows, and as you do the app is entering the data into the fields and adding it all up for you.

These Mobile Invoicing Apps can really be an advantage to any business person. If you’re in business you really owe it to yourself to get a Mobile Invoicing App today, and don’t walk run you’ll be glad you did.


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How to set up In-App Purchases on an Apple iPhone

How to make Purchases Inside of Your Apps

In-app purchases may be useful to you! If you would like to purchase offers that are available in an app that you have downloaded to your iPhone. It’s sometimes not so obvious.

As you use any of the apps on your phone, at some time you may come across something that you find useful. So you attempt to make a purchase of the offer, but wait it won’t download to the app.

What to do? well, that’s why we put the steps that you’ll need to take to allow your iPhone to get access to these In-App Purchases. Just follow the steps below and you should be all set to take advantage of these offers.

Just be careful what offers you click on in an in-app purchase as those can be tricky as they can set on going or recurring payments on your credit card. Then it becomes incumbent upon you to later cancel them if they really are not something that you wanted.

I myself have been faced with this problem, where I had to call my cell phone provider to stop a paid subscription that was set up on my account. And it happened so fast that I wasn’t really aware what the offer was when I clicked on it by accident. Just be careful and you should be just fine when it come to these types of things.

How to Make Purchases with an Apple ios phone.

  1. Go to Settings
  2. General-Restrictions
  3. Content & App Store Purchases
  4. iTunes & App Store Purchases
  5. Check the box Allow
  6. And your all set to use In-App Purchases

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Business App?

Business App Menu

Business App for you? 

If you’re thinking of buying a business app to run your business on, there are a few basic things to consider in a business app? Will the app be a good value in the first place, what I mean by that is, will you get your money’s worth from the app’s features.

What’s meant by app features are those functions within the app that you’ll use on a daily basis.

Features like invoicing your clients, doing calculations for you, and keeping and sending reports.

Special Features

Those are the most basic functions that the app should be able to do. Then, of course, there are many additional features that are great to have in a business app, such as tracking the miles that you drive to the job. Accounting for the fuel cost of your vehicle, and others would be nice to have those ability’s in the app. Not all apps have the same features but you certainly can check around and see you can find one that fits your business needs.

Job Tracking

An ability to track your jobs, and even account for things like your fuel cost to travel to your jobs. Simple as that may sound many are leaving money on the table, money they will need when it comes time to replace that work vehicle.

The Profit Pal business app has these abilities and more. This type of app was designed to make your working life so much easier.

When Plumbers asked for a business app which had the ability to track their parts the Profit Pal App team added that feature as well.

Try it you just might like it!

You really should give this business app a whirl as you may find that this app may be just what you’ve been looking for in a business app.

Currently, the only feature not included in this app is the ability to accept payments, but that can be done in many different ways.

You can except your payment in a check or cash directly from your customers or even get the Square app and use it on your Smartphone to accept payments.

They may charge a small fee to do this. The profit Pal App is a one-time pay app, once purchased there are no other payments. It’s not like many of the others

Which require a monthly subscription to use their apps.

Try it today, we think you’ll be glad you did!

Joseph Sanchez

Profit Pal App


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Customer Coupons

Coupons are Good Way to Help You Build your Business

Mobile Coupons

Sending Coupons is a Great Way to Stay in Touch with Previous Customers!

Coupons are very important these days. Example: You’ve got a new customer, and you’ve done him or her a great job. Is that the end of it? I sure hope not! There are many ways that businesses can stay in touch with their customers.

One great way is to give your customers a coupon for savings on future work. The  Automotive Repair Industry has been using this method for more years than I know. You know the coupons I am talking about, the ones they send you to get your oil changed or rotate your tires! You get the idea. Why do you think they give these coupons out? It’s a simple formula. Not only do customers like them, since they are receiving value. But from a business standpoint, they’re a great way to contact your customers.

They will keep your valuable customers coming back! Customers that will come back again and again! The long-term dollar value in giving coupons should not be underestimated.

Customer coupons not only show your customers that you care but also remind them that you’re still in business. If any amount of time has passed they may not remember you.

It’s important to stay in touch with them.

Now since most people don’t like being spammed, or sent correspondence they didn’t ask for, right?

Ah Ha,’ but Customer Coupons are not seen as spam! Why? because they are viewed as receiving something of value! A discount worth money on work they will need anyway.

If you’re a Plumber and you offer them a discount on the installation of a new kitchen faucet. How many customers could resist that? Or half off on a Water Heater Installation on the Labor Only Obviously!

So can you see just how important giving coupons can be?

The Great News is, we’ve now added this feature to the Profit Pal Mobile Invoicing App. You can create, and send out coupons to any customer you have in the apps jobs file.

And since today so much of the paperwork everyone is doing, they are doing right on their Smartphones. So why not send your customer coupons right from your smartphone?

This is exactly what we have created. You now have three generic templates to use in the app to create your customer coupons.

You just enter the coupon information into the template and once you’ve created and saved it, you can now email them to those customers whose email addresses you have in the app, right from the app.

Now, how’s that? For thinking about your business needs?

Profit Pal has done it Again! So get the advantages that are in this app.

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Reinventing Invoicing

Reinventing Invoicing

Is Your Business Reinventing Itself

When you reinvent something you look at something from a different “perspective” It’s important for businesses to reinvent themselves every now and then, so they don’t get stagnant!

Reinventing Invoicing and your Mobile Business

If you’re reinventing something you’ll need to think of what you’re doing in a different way!

If you’re still invoicing and a Paper Tablet then you’re doing things the old way. Someone once said that “the definition of Insanity is doing something the same way and expecting a different outcome.” if you want to change things but you’re doing the same thing over and over again, then you’re not improving.

Reinventing Invoicing is finding a way to do it differently. One thing you can do now days is to adopt the new technology available to you.

Reinventing Invoicing and Smartphones

Since today almost everyone has a Smartphone then you should be looking to get them to work for your business.

You probably already own one yourself, but have you ever looked at that phone as a money maker for your business?

It really can be! If you unlock the power of that Smartphone.

One easy way is to use that phone to Invoice your clients.

Al you’ll need for this is a Mobile Invoicing App. You can easily download an app like the Profit Pal Mobile Invoicing App to your Smartphone.

Once you have this app on your phone you’ll be able to create your job estimates and produce the invoice and send it to your client’s right from your Smartphone.

You’ve just reinvented invoicing! And the advantages are just amazing since now you can see the invoice data as you’re creating it and you can modify it as you need to maximize your income.

And create a very professional looking invoice to give to your clients.

Reinventing Invoicing can be a big win for you and your business endeavors!

Value invoicing is when you get the most value out of your invoices. What happens to most people when creating an invoice

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Value Invoicing


Value Invoicing

So what is value invoicing?  Any time you invoice something of value. And consequently it’s when you get the most value out of your invoices? What happens to most people when creating an invoice is they are so caught up in the job they just did for the client they aren’t thinking in terms of getting the most value out of that invoice?

Value Invoicing and your Clients

 When Value invoicing using an app, it’s important you invoice with an app you can customize that invoice to not only include all of the things you did for the client, but you can also see as you create the invoice the areas where you can maximize your profits. Now isn’t that why you’re working in the first place.

How to Use an App to Value Invoice

If you’re creating the invoice using an app like the Profit Pal Mobile Invoicing App and you are filling in the boxes as you go along. So you see the box that says Fuel Cost, and you realize fuel cost has just gone up that day. So you enter the new per gallon price of fuel. What you’ve just done is ensure that you’re not going to lose money on the job your invoicing for. Can you begin to see how creating an invoice using an app can work to your advantage? You can change the numbers and recalculate the invoice before you send it.

Impressing your Customers with Perceived value when Value Invoicing

When you value invoice you not only ensure you are getting paid correctly, but you are also impressing your customers with your professional looking invoice.

The invoice program in the Profit Pal Mobile Invoicing App was created to impress your clients. To start it has a background color that is pleasant to the eyes. This adds perceived value on the part of your customers. The app will enter the invoice number. You’ll be able to enter clients account information either in the title or in the description box. The boxes adjust and expand to however much information you need to enter for that job.

We’ve just covered a few of the issues with value invoicing, there are of course many different positive effects to value invoicing it can be a big boost to your business.

So get started, download the Profit Pal Mobile Invoicing App and get Value Invoicing Today!

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Quick-Books or Profit Pal App?

Invoicing Your Clients

Quick-Books or Profit Pal Mobile Invoicing App which is better?

That depends on your situation. If you need an app that is essentially a bookkeeping app then QuickBooks may be the right one for you.

However; if you would like an app that was designed by a Trades-person for Trades People, who understands the needs of tradespeople, then the Profit Pal Mobile Invoicing App is the one for you!

While Quick-Books is designed to be an accounting platform. The Profit Pal App was created from the ground up to be handy for people in the trades. And that’s a major difference.

The Profit Pal Difference

It guides you through the process of creating your job estimates. It has simple boxes you enter the important information, and the app does the calculations for you in the background. So no need to worry about the math that’s taken care of.

Quick-Books will calculate your numbers in a spreadsheet format for your bookkeeping. While profit Pal App will send all of your jobs files in an Excel Format and a PDF format as well for your bookkeeping. When you hit the Save Button in the app it automatically sends you the report to your email Inbox.

While QuickBooks has a host of features, the Profit Pal Mobile Invoicing App has the features designed to make your job a whole lot less complicated.

That’s what the app is all about. Since the designer of the app is also a tradesperson who knows what Tradespeople need and didn’t load up the app with non-essentials!

We put everything you need into the app and nothing you don’t, because this is what we believe in.

Right from when you open up the app it’s all business a no frills. You just start entering the information about the job in the boxes and the app goes to work for you. An example the Invoicing Function.

The Invoicing Function

Things like, Title of the Job (you choose the address or part numbers whatever you use to track your jobs). The Map Pins take care of the distance from where you are to the job location.

Then base on your fuel cost and mileage fee the app calculates and enters the totals into the job file.

You even have a miscellaneous box where you can enter extra charges as needed. The app will calculate everything and you just ‘Click’ the save button and its saved to the job file.

Once in the job is saved you can go to the tab that’s called New Invoice. Click New Invoice Button the Invoicing template opens. That’s opens a list of the jobs created you select the job that you want to invoice, enter the clients email address there, or your own if you like. Hit submit and the Invoice will open and send it to the email that you entered there.

Sounds complicated but it’s really simple, and it’s intuitive so once you’ve done it one time you’ve got it.

That’s the Invoicing process in a nutshell. Of course, the app does much more, but I don’t want to spill the beans here, Just Get the App and you’ll be surprised by all this app can do for you!

So Quick-Books or Profit Pal App! Go and Get the Profit Pal Mobile Invoicing App Now!


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Mobile Invoice Maker

Mobile Invoicing App

A Mobile Invoice Maker can really help your business, and even simplify your life

Why you need a Mobile Invoice Maker

There are actually many reasons but I can list a few here.

  1. A Mobile Invoice Maker does just what the name implies. It allows you to make your invoices while you are mobile in your vehicle and on the road
  2. You’re no longer restricted to an office when sending out Mobile Invoices
  3. You don’t need to send invoices via traditional mail as you can email them to your clients, right from your Smartphone
  4. You can modify them on the fly, and just send them another one instantly as the situation dictates

There are just too many advantages to having a Mobile Invoice Maker. What if you’re not at the job site and your customer asks you for a copy of the invoice?

What are your options then if you’re using a Paper Invoice? OK, you have to first, write the invoice out. Then decide whether you will mail it to them, or actually drive to their house to give it to them, and what if they live far away from you?

Or what if you lose your Invoice Tablet? Then what? you’re not even sure what you put on the invoice in the first place.

These are just some of the problems with paper invoices.

Ok now let’s look at a Mobile Invoice Maker

You open the app on your phone enter the information, create the invoice, then hit send and you’re done. It’s on its way to your client. He or she opens their email and there’s the invoice you created waiting for them. Now isn’t that much more professional?

Another advantage is if you have a Mobile Printer in your vehicle and you are with the client you can just print it out right there in your vehicle. How’s that for convenience?

The thing I like best about a Mobile Invoice Maker is that I can be on vacation, and if someone asks for an invoice, I can just make it right there from my hotel room and send it.

I am not bound in any way. So why not get on board and make your Invoicing Life much easier. Get the app today!

So why am I suggesting you get my app? There’s a simple answer “because I made it for you and your business to succeed.” It’s really that simple no need to elaborate anymore.

If I didn’t think this app was good for you I wouldn’t be promoting it!

Number one app for Tradesmen is a bold claim to make. But the’re reasons why we make this claim.

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Mobile Invoicing App for Android

Mobile Invoicing App for Android easy invoicing app for your phone!

Ok, so you need a mobile invoicing app for your Android phone. But what app do you choose?

Well, that depends, on what you want the app to actually do. There are hundreds of apps out there that can work on your phone.

But the question really should be what you really need. Some of those apps may have many features that you’ll never use.

Some of these apps can even calculate the payroll taxes for your employees. I mean these things can really get complicated.

Those complicated apps also come with a monthly subscription fee.

But what we have found is that smaller type businesses out there, only want to estimate the job, and invoice their client for the work, ‘that’s it.”

Most of you out there already have a bookkeeper to calculate your payroll taxes. So why would want to complicate things, when all you want to do, is invoice your client.

Well, you’re in luck because the creators of our app, the Profit Pal Mobile Invoicing App have already thought this through, and have included what you need, and not what you don’t.

When you get this app you’ll see just how straightforward it actually is. And how it was designed to let you put in the relevant everyday things you need in an invoice and none of the things that would only increase its complexity.

The Profit Pal Mobile invoicing App was designed with small businesses in mind. It has just what you need to make great estimates, and invoice your clients. And even a few extra features you’ll see in the app when you get it.

So don’t hesitate to get our app today, we think you’ll be happy you did!

Android Smartphone just click on the Banner

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How to make more when Invoicing Clients

How to make more when Invoicing Clients

How to make more by knowing when you invoice your clients, is definitely something that everyone should be knowledgeable about today. That is is if you’re in any kind of business.

Why would you waste your valuable time on something when if you read this article you’ll be on your way to doing just that! You can increase your profits by at least 15% or more. You’re probably thinking that I am fool of hot air! But I can assure you that I am not.

The reason for my confidence about this issue is that I know that if you’re not using an app like our app the Profit Pal Mobile App then you’ll be missing things when you invoice clients. You see this app was create by a tradesman for all of you service workers out there.

Any Business doesn’t matter

I am talking about trades people like, plumbers, electricians, contractors of all sorts and even flower shops. It doesn’t matter. If you were to attempt to create your own invoice I bet you’ll miss something.

And each item that you miss will cost you! That’s why you know it’s just smarter to download an app to your smartphone. An app will have a well thought out format for you to follow.

The creators of the app have already taken hundreds of hours it takes to design an app with the important items that you need to account for on the invoice. And the beauty is that all you need to do is enter the numbers into the boxes.

The design takes care to keep you moving in the right direction. You’ll be entering the right information and the app is doing the work in the background. Now having entered those numbers requested, the app will create the invoice with the numbers already calculated for you.

Timing is Urgent

You need to take advantage what has been done for you, so you don’t fall behind. Just follow the link to the App Store that applies to your Smartphone and see just how little it cost to make your invoices much more profitable!

The Profit pal App Team,

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Instant Invoicing

Instant Invoicing


Instant Invoicing is all the rave! Can you remember a time before cell phones?

A little history

First came the Pay phone and then the Pager, remember those? Most men carried them on their belt. The thing would beep when someone wanted to get a hold of you. A phone number would show up on the screen and you have to go find a phone so you could call back to who’s number showed up on the pager.


We ‘re really doing things faster now. It seems that every invention in the last 50 years has revolved around speeding things up.  There have been other benefits to all this. It’s a lot easier for people to stay in touch now.

How does this involve your business? What all these inventions have in common is they ‘re all time savers. Time is the issue here. We all only have 24 hours in a day and we need to accomplish the most we can in 24 hours.


Today things are different

Today things are moving fast. So its vitally important that you instant email estimates and invoices to your clients.  As a business owner, you need to keep up. Time can be your enemy or your friend, and it’s important you make it your friend.  Your time is what your using to make money. And you need to make the most you can for every minute you work.


I’ll get to the chase an app can help you keep up. The Profit Pal Mobile Invoicing App was created to speed things up for you. It’s easy to use and it takes care of a lot of things in the background for you.


With this app on your Smartphone, you can instantly create and send invoices to your clients. Saving you time, and money.

Get this app today, you’ll be happy you did.

The Profit Pal Team


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