Privacy Statement & Disclosures

Privacy is important to everyone.

No one wants to have their private details known by everyone. We take this a special responsibility. The Profit Pal Team understands your privacy concerns, and will never share any of the information you may leave on this website.

That includes information in messages via email to our support team via the contact form. Nothing that you do when visiting this site is stored on the site. You download the app from Google Play or Apple iTunes and they have safety measures as well.

You can feel secure when downloading the app.

That none of your information is stored here on The information you enter at the App stores is between you and them. You may rest asured that we value your privacy, and will only use this information to contact you to answer any questions that you may have asked of us.

Here at Profit Pal 1 we value your friendship and thank you for taking the time to read the articles here. They are written for your benefit, as this privacy statement is also for your benefit.

We would never willingly do anything to lose the trust you place in this website and that also goes doubly for the Profit Pal Mobile Invoicing App. The App was designed to help small business people and not to hurt them in any way. So have a little faith you privacy is safe here. Thanks You!

The Profit Pal Team

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The Profit Pal App Team

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