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Profit Pal and Your Family

Profit Pal and Your Family

Family is the most important thing in your life. And if you’re a trade’s person and most likely you have a family that is important to you. When you go out to work each day you don’t just do it for yourself, but for your family as well.

I am sure if you’re like me you want to provide for your family. And so you go out to work each day to provide for them. Now when you go out to work you’re confronted with many difficulties and challenges.

First, you have to go out to see the job. Then you must decide what is needed to complete the job. Having done that, you have to add up the cost of each of the components that will go into the job.

Your work can be complex but that’s no reason to give up.  Yes, you make a list of the items that will go into the job. You would make an estimate of the number of hours it will take you to complete the job. Then you look into each of the items needed. We call this the materials feature.

You would normally add up the cost of the materials and add that to the labor cost times the hours required to complete the job. You would think that was it, and that you’re done with that estimate.

But are you really? Most of you out there are missing things like travel cost, and fuel cost, or even difficulty level cost.

Remember every day you go out to work, to bring home as much money as possible to your family.

Now wouldn’t it be nice to have a little help? That’s what I’m talking about here. This help is real it does exist and it’s called the Profit Pal Mobile Invoicing App.

Accounting for the important things

This app will help you account for all of the important things and more. I am recommending that you download this app, as it will make all of the billing cost easy to enter, and will make it easy to create estimates, and invoices which you can be proud of.

When you download the Profit Pal Mobile Invoicing App you’ll be on your way to ensuring that you are maximizing your profits and minimizing any loses, on each job you do. Now isn’t this be a good thing? Sure it is,! You want to know that you’re making as much as you possibly can from each and every job you do.

The peace of mind you’ll get from using this app is worth so much more than the price of the app.

Remember your family is counting on you!

So why am I suggesting you get my app? There’s a simple answer “because I made it for you and your business to succeed.” It’s really that simple no need to elaborate anymore.

If I didn’t think this app was the best app for you I wouldn’t be promoting it!

The Profit Pal App is available in the App Stores Now!

The Profit Pal Team

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