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Marketing Strartegies

Marketing Strategies today

It’s so important now days, that it just can’t be overlooked.

Apps like the Profit Pal App can be a big help with that.

So your probably thinking how can the Profit Pal App help with that, and who’s marketing are we talking about anyway?

Well let me explain. Remember that since you own the App you now have the ability to send invoices directly to your customers email inbox.

Do you begin to see the value of this app?

Lets continue, now the customer wants their invoice emailed to them. You put a note on the invoice with their email address. Then you type their email address into the box at the bottom of the page where it says, Send To:


Now when you send not only will they receive their invoice via email, but you also have a copy with their email address on it in your phone, for future email marketing.

So let’s say work gets a little slow, and you want to speed things up a little. Remember these customers know and trust you, since you’ve already done jobs for them in the past. You send them a reminder email with all your contact information letting them know that your still there, ready to take care of their current needs.

It’s really that simple guy’s, Profit Pal App has just created an email marketing plan for your business. Profit Pal App Tutorial Click Here!

The Profit Pal Team

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