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What’s Marketing Strategy?

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What is Marketing Strategy?

A Marketing Strategy is a comprehensive plan that takes into consideration what the goals of a particular company actually intends to accomplish.

A marketing strategy can sometimes be a difficult thing to accomplish in changing times.

This is because as soon as you set a particular direction for the strategy, things in the market place for your product may change causing you to take a different approach.

Having said that, there have been formulas developed that some businesses have used to achieve some measure of success.


Knowing what needs to be measured is important. Since I think that when it comes to a marketing strategy, measuring is key. What I mean to say by that, is since you know that a good Marketing Strategy needs to contain all of the goals you’re striving to accomplish. 

And all the while remaining flexible. Then proceed with this in mind, and measure each goal whether achieved or not as you move forward.

Since it’s not always easy to determine the future needs on a real-time basis because the customer’s needs may themselves be changing. And possibly they don’t even know it yet!

What Can Be Done

You’ll need to take things as they currently exist. So let’s take a look at what can actually be done. What you can do as a business owner that wants to create a marketing plan is to look at the state of what is currently and plan around that while leaving in some flexibility.

You can lay-out what is, and set goals to those targets. You’ll need to know as much as possible about your completion. You’ll look at how they are approaching their customers.

Marketing Management

Marketing management, this is an area where many businesses fail. What I mean to say is that a company may develop a strategy and not have the correct personnel to carry it out. This is due to the fact that all people don’t have the same skills.

Once your strategy is developed you may need to then determine if you have the people in the correct jobs to carry your plan out. A computer programmer that you hired may not have the skills of a salesperson. I am sure you can understand this’

So some shuffling around of your employees may be necessary if your marketing plan is to work out!

This is just a small discourse into what a Marketing Plan is and is not by any means intending to be all-encompassing. Therefore one should spend a considerable amount of time on the plan. You should converse with the Management as well as the employees. To ensure that all involved at your particular business get the most out of your Marketing Strategy.

Hope this was helpful’

Profit Pal App Team

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