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Invoicing App That Emails You The Reports

Reports are important to your business’

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Profit Pal App Report

The Profit Pal Mobile Invoicing App Emails you the Reports

Reports are key and so vital in the world of business today. It’s important to know your numbers and keep track of them.

Many are not aware that after you have entered your numbers, and Profit Pal has done the calculations your data will be saved and reports can be generated. And this Mobile Invoicing App will email reports to your email inbox. 

This allows for your convenience to at the tap of a button, the app emails you an excel report. The files come in an excel format.

Job Data Reports

This should be a big help to all of you who need to keep Job information for your bookkeeping at a later date.

Having reports emailed to you by the app just makes things a lot easier at that time when you need to know it. Let’s say when you don’t remember what it was you did at that location. All you do is go back and take a look at the report that you created when you did the job for that client.

We all know how difficult it is to account for things when tax time rolls around. Reports can be a big help with that. They are important to any business. Any time a client asks you for their invoice, all you need to do is locate it in the app’s job file and email it to them.

This invoicing app emails you the reports, the convenience is there, to make things better for you. Things such as these were thought of and placed in this app just for you’

These reports emailed to you are a valuable asset, since you can use this data to improve your bids and become more effective.

Knowing what the Numbers are, Why it’s Important!

Knowing what your numbers are will make a difference between you getting to the job or someone else.

It’s important to know the numbers. This way you can see whether there’s room to cut cost and become the lowest bidder and get the work.

Not knowing your numbers can be disastrous to your business. And there’s no need for that when you have the Profit Pal Mobile Invoicing App on your Smartphone.

Hitting Save not only saves the job in the app but this invoicing app emails reports to you two different files. One is a PDF file and the other is in Excel.  And we all know how helpful excel can be in doing spreadsheets.

There you have it, 

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