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Small Business Invoicing

Requirements of Smaller Type Businesses

Small businesses have some of the same requirements as the bigger companies. Things like accounting software, job tracking, and even inventory control.

We Listened to a Plumber

We talk to plumbers and asked them what they needed to have in an app, and this is what they said’

One Plumbing Contractor said if he had an APP to do business with, he would want something like inventory control.

He replied that what he needed was a way to keep track of the parts that his guys were putting into the jobs.

We could immediately see how this could be very important. Imagine that down the road a customer complained that something went wrong with the job. 

Now imagine that you as the contractor don’t know if new parts went into that job. What a mess that could be for your business.

After taking his considerations into account, we designed what we call the Material’s Feature into the app.

We took that information and got busy, and we created that feature into the Profit Pal App. It’s called the Materials List.

How the Material’s Feature Works

The way this works is, a user of the app you create your list of materials. They can parts that you may carry on your work vehicle.

And it doesn’t matter what may be because you’ll title them yourself. And you assign the pricing for them as well. And you also set the quantity counts, so that by looking at how many you have left you can restock your truck.

Each time you put one or more of these items on the list, the app will add them to the invoice. And it will subtract them from the list counts.

Additional Features

We know how important it is for smaller businesses not to lose money. So that’s why we added the additional features.

That’s why we added features like your fuel cost. With that feature, the app will calculate the fuel you are using to get to the jobs.

Travel cost is important for many smaller businesses as well’ So we added a way for you to get paid for that in case you want to use it.

If you don’t need to use that, well then you just enter a 0 in that field. All of these features are your decision to use them or not. It’s up to you the user.

To Sum it Up

So we listened to our small business customers and created this great feature. Try the app today, and you’ll see just how easy it is for you to conduct your business on our app.

The Profit Pal App Team

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