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Small Business Invoicing

Small business has some of the same requirements as the bigger companies. Things like accounting software, job tracking, and even inventory control.

We Listened to a Plumber

I once asked a Plumbing Contractor if he had an APP to do business with, what would be something he would want in such an app.

He replied that what he needed was a way to track the parts that his employees were putting into the jobs.

We took that information and got busy, and we created that feature into the Profit Pal App. It’s called the Materials List.

How it Works

The way this works is, the user of the app creates his own list of materials be they whatever parts you may carry on your work vehicle. It doesn’t matter what that is because you name them. You assign pricing to them and you set the quantity counts.

Once you’ve done this, each time you put one or more of these items that you put on the list, the app will put them on the invoice and subtract them from the list counts.

To Sum it Up

So we listened to our small business customers and created this great feature. Try the app today and see just how easy it is for you to conduct your business on our app.

The Profit Pal App Team

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