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Customers by using Coupons


How to stay in Touch with Customers

It’s important to stay in touch with customers who have used your services in the past. Obviously there are many reasons for that. But what’s probably the upmost on your list is that you don’t lose that customer to another business in your same field. If that happens then you aren’t doing your best to keep the business. Since once you have performed a service for a customer it should be much easier for you to get their loyalty and repeat business. Studies have shown this to be true. So what are you doing today to stay in touch with them?

Have you ever noticed how when you go to any presentation of seminar they always want you email address? I know I have seen that many times. Do you know the reason for this? It’s so they can stay in touch with you. Because they know that since you have already taken action by coming to their event, it should be easier to get you to buy something from them in the future .

There are actually many different ways to do this, you could send them a sales letter or post card. That works well; however, this is usually more expensive. Another way is to call them directly, and that is very time consuming, and who’s got that much time to use for that purpose when you’re busy working jobs!

The Solution!

The solution to your dilemma is to send them something they’ll find useful. This is a subtle way to stay in touch with them, and at the same time be marketing your services to them. What I am taking about are coupons. Why not just send them a coupon? Coupons are a great way to stay in touch, and also drum up new business at the same time. Your customer will be glad to get them, and most likely save them for future work. This keeps you on their mind for when they need your services again.

So don’t take coupons for granted, they really are a great way to stay in touch with your customers and keep them from going to your competition.

And the good news is that you can do this right from your phone. All you will need is to download the app that can do this for you. The app is easy to use and you will find it to be indispensable to you.

So don’t delay get the app it’s available at Google Play and at Apple iTunes stores.

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Office Apps Today

Office Apps
Get an App for your Business

Office Apps Today

Office apps are used everywhere today. The Traditional office is becoming less important. With the advent of Smartphones, it becomes easier than ever to separate yourself from an office environment.

This has many different Implications for people depending on your preferences. Some will miss all of the interaction with their peers in the office, and some will not miss that at all.

Don’t know which house you’re in, but the truth is undeniable. For those of us who don’t miss the office politics, it’s much better to be able to function and not being in a traditional office setting.

Office apps on Smartphones and Tablets are what’s making this a reality possible today.

Of course, there are always those people who like to suck up to the boss, and thus prefer to be as close to him or her as possible. But if you prefer your own peace of mind and function well when you work alone. And maybe you don’t like dealing with office politics, then this new office reality is probably for you!

An office app can free you to work from wherever you happen to be. They can really free you up! Many of us actually perform much better when we are not dealing with the various personality types that we would have to navigate in a traditional office setting.

This new way can really be uplifting!

With these apps today on your phone, you can create documents, print them out with a mobile printer, or you can email the doc’s straight to your clients, via your email account.

If you’re a person that works in the Trades, you can really take advantage of these apps to make your life easier. An app like the Profit Pal Mobile Invoicing App is designed to help work mobile from your vehicle. With it on your Smartphone or Tablet, you can create job estimates, make invoices, and even send coupons to your clients. All right from your phone.

The good news is these apps are not expensive either. The Profit Pal App only low cost you cab be calculating jobs and sending invoices to your customers.

Try it today!

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Business apps

Payments Apps are not all Created the Same’

Not Your  Typical



Not your Typical Payment App, that’s because it’s designed for you to build you jobs on? Its not your typical payment app. So what does really that mean you? First let me explain. What this app is and what it is not’

The Profit Pal App is not a payment app. What this app does is give you as a contractor/service Tech’s an edge when invoicing your jobs.

Yes you’ll send your invoices from the app. But it’s different than the Payment Apps out there.

Not All Apps are made the Same

The payment apps available today aren’t designed around the needs of tradesmen. We designed this app for Electricians, Plumbers, HVAC, Service techs of all sorts.

This app is designed to be used by contractors, or service providers to document the job and to provide a format to use when doing the work.

The App’s Advantage to Using

Let’s take a look’

Here’s an example, the features in the app that most trade’s people would recognized, because these are necessary to accomplishing a good and profitable job.

Tracking the Materials

One example of that is, the app has a materials inventory feature. This feature allows the user to create an inventory of all of the parts that they use in the performance of their work. In that feature the user puts the name of the item the quantity count and their price for the item.

With that information they can then add those parts to a job, and when they create the invoice the app will not only add those items on to the invoice, it will also subtract the count from the remaining available parts or items.

This app does what a Typical Payment App can’t do’

So you can see this is not a typical payment app it’s actually intended to be different, and provide the user with important functions designed to make the user more detailed and protect the users profit on each of the jobs placed into the app. This helps you to increase profits on the work you are currently doing!

When you follow the template in the app it will guide you through making better estimates and help you to get paid what the job is worth. This way you’re not leaving money on the table.

Designed by a Tradesman for Tradesmen

The app was designed by a trade’s person for trade’s people. So the features are there to help you! Whereas a typical payment app is generic in nature since it needs to be used by anyone in business.

Therefore they are not designed around the needs of trade’s people.

This app is perfect for Plumbers, Electricians, Contractors of all kinds and many more businesses.

Right now you can purchase the app for a small investment and be using it right away. It’s easy to understand and use and chocked full of benefits for you’


Joe Sanchez



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Profit App for Small Business Profit

Profit is what you’re in business to accomplish. We believe or app is the best mobile app for small businesses profit hands down, that is the Profit Pal Mobile Invoicing App!

With this app, you can make all of your job estimates including things like travel expenses fuel cost and materials to do the job.

Why we Believe in this App

This app was created to assist smaller type businesses that can’t afford to spend a large amount of money that it takes to create an app. It’s been done for you!

With this app, you’ll easily invoice your clients for more profit, without the hassle of paper and pen. If it’s an estimate you just check the box that says “Estimate” and they’ll know instantly that you’ve sent them the estimate for their job.

It’s so easy to use since you just enter the information into the provided boxes. The app will do all of the tedious calculations for you!

No longer will you be wondering if missed some important part of the cost associated with the job.

Designed for your business needs

This app has a specially designed interface that’s perfect for those smaller type businesses that need some of the advantages that the ‘Big Boys” have.

Things like inventory control, it’s built into this app. All you’ll do is to enter the parts you’re carrying on your work vehicle and as you add them to the invoice the app will subtract them from your inventory counts.

I don’t want to go over all of the features in the app because I want you to be pleasantly surprised when you see them all in the app.

So when I say that it’s the ‘Best Mobile App for Small Business Profit you can rest assure that everything in the design of the app is there to enhance your business profits, let it be your secret weapons for more profit.

The Profit Pal App Team,


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