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The Profit Pal Difference

The Profit Pal Difference


The Profit Pal Difference What is it?

That word different gets thrown around a lot. When it comes to the Profit Pal App this term really does apply. Included in this app is a method of accounting for your jobs that others apps are attempting to copy.

The ideas that went into this app are needed by trades people. For instance the Job Details area prompts you to input the information logically. This information that later is used in the invoice. This allows you as a trade person to put in all of the information related to that particular job.

What’s the Difference?

What make the Profit Pal App Different is that it was designed by a Tradesman. Being a Tradesman he knew what was needed for people who work everyday in the service trades.

Why is that so important you may say! Well let me explain, whats so special about our app. What makes this app special is the way the information is captured, and then placed into the jobs file.

We took a totally different approach than what the rest of those business apps out there. We wanted to create something that would help Trades people top earn more from the work they are doing. Some of those even copied what we did here!

Each file is a separate record of that particular job. These files are saved by the App and can be accessed by you anytime you need them.

This App is very intuitive, so there’s no complicated method to be learned. You just follow the flow of the page entering the numbers. Once you’ve created a couple of jobs in it you will be an expert at it.

Thanks for reading and get the Profit Pal Mobile Invoicing App right now before you get busy with something else and forget.

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