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Trade Tools

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Trade Tools

Trade tools are any tools that are used in a particular trade. Some examples might be if you consider a doctor you’ll almost always see them with their stethoscope. If you see an electrician you almost always see them with a leather bag on their belt where they carry their tools and even an electrical meter. Some even have black electrical tape hanging there.

The Importance of Trade Tools

What’s so important about trade tools? Let’s explore the issue. There are so many trades out there that we will not cover all of them here, but we can take a look at one of them.

You’ve no doubt seen service vans driving in your neighborhood, and they look heavy, that’s because they are usually loaded with that particular service companies tools inside.

Talking with a locksmith the other day I asked him how do you secure your vans, cause I said you must have a couple of thousand dollars’ worth of tools inside. He commented back we have more than 100 thousand dollars tied up in just one of the service vans. I replied wow! I had no idea the tools were that expensive?

Special machines

He told me that they have special machines just for coding car remote key fobs. Then it began to make sense since car keys are so sophisticated now a day’s. Then there are all of the key blanks needed for homes and commercial properties as well.

He said that they need to carry the newest key cutting machines as well. Then there are all of the hand tools necessary as well. He said that they never really know what they will need when they go out on a call and that’s why they carry all of those. It’s easy to see how expensive this can get for the locksmiths out there.

The Expense

And It’s easy to see why they have so much money involved tied up in their service vans. That’s just one trade, it’s easy to imagine how each of the various trades will need to have all of the tools necessary to accomplish their work when they go out on a service call.

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