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Cloud Computing and the Profit Pal

Google Cloud gives the Profit Pal App more Redundancy

Cloud computing is the best. So what do we mean by that anyway? The Cloud has many more avenues or servers to keep the app functioning properly. Rather than just one server which if it failed would leave the user without app functionality.

That’s why did Profit Pal App choose Google Cloud to run our app on?

The number on the reason we chose The G.C.P. is the reliability period. One thing you may not be aware of is that like websites apps also need a platform to run on, in order for the information you are entering into your app to process or compute back and forth.

Cloud computing is just much more reliable. We are no doubt all familiar with google since most of us have used the Google Search Box to find information in all of our days to day needs.

Even though we should know that Google is a business as well and it is run by people, like any other business. Having said that we also know that Google is number one when it comes to data storage.

So why the G.C.P. for the Profit Pal App? Well, what you may not know is that apps need a platform to run on. And another thing that most of us know that if Google’s not running, then most likely the whole internet is down! And that being the case everyone will be down.

There you have it why Profit Pal App uses Google Cloud

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