Why This APP?

Profit Pal Invoicing App

Why This App?

Why would you need this app or any other app? The reasons are here in this brief article. That’s because this app was created to help you with your business goals. The app was designed to be easy to understand and use. With areas that are specifically designed around you business needs.

And an App like this one can really help you with your business goals.

So you’re probably thinking what can this app actually do to help me? Well, let me tell you. You need this app because, if you are a Tradesman such as a Plumber, Carpenter, Electrician, Landscaper, and many more tradespeople out there!

This app was designed specifically for your type of business. The boxes on the new jobs screen are where you enter the title of the job, such as the customers’ address.

Job Details

Then there’s a Description box that’s where you enter the job details. It comprehensive and includes things like labor hours, travel cost and even materials added to the job.

A lot of thought went into the designing of these entry boxes. They were made this way because they are doing things in the background that benefit you.

As you enter the job details you’re at the same time preparing the invoice you’ll send to your customer.

An app like the Profit Pal Mobile Invoicing App can help you since as you fill in the boxes its doing things like accounting for your Materials, and even the Fuel Cost for your vehicle.

Why You Need This App is because it will help you to track all of your work, as it will send reports to your own email inbox.

Smaller Type Businesses Have Specific Needs

If you’re in any small business you’ve got expenses, but the key is that when you spend money on your customer’s jobs you are being compensated back for a profit.

Isn’t that why you’re in business? Of course, it is! Because that’s why you are working in the first place. So doesn’t it make sense to have an app that helps you to accomplish that?

That’s what this app was created to do. Customers are using your services because you know your job. Your customers know their jobs and not yours, isn’t that right?

So why don’t you trust that we know what you need in an app to get your job done?

So that’s why am I suggesting you to get my app? That’s the simple answer “because we made it for you, to help your business succeed.” It’s really that simple’

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